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I have an application that connects to a database, retrieves information, creates an Excel file, then deletes the file / sends the file to X people.

The application was built in Visual Studios using the .NET 2.0 Framework (Windows Form Application). It was launched on a 32 bit server. However, it was recently transferred to a 64-bit server. Now the error message “The MSDAORA.1 provider is not registered on the local computer” is displayed.


I think MSDAORA is only supported for 32-bit applications, and the application pool in which the application is running in IIS is not enabled for 32-bit applications.

How can I solve this problem? Can I change anything in IIS? Or is it a code change?

MSDAORA provider not registered locally – Oracle Provider for OLE DB < / h2>

 Hello,I have an application in asp.net that connects to an Oracle database via an oledb connectionDim m As New OleDb.OleDbConnection ("Data source = ...; Persist Security Info = True; User ID = ...; Password = .........; Unicode = True; Provider = MSDAORA")I developed in Visual Studio in 32 bitth Windows XP and when I debug my application everything works fine.Now I have migrated my application to Windows Server 2008 64 bit and implemented my application with iis 7.0.The problem is that every time I run the application in the browser, I get the following error message:System.InvalidOperationException: The MSDAORA provider is not registered on the local computerCommunication with the oracle cannot be your fault. I can connect to oracle using sqlplus.Where is the mistake? What am I doing wrong?thanks for the helpHiModified: user8846585 1/29/2010 03:30 AM 

 MSDAORA is not 64-bit. You will need to either switch your application to 32-bit and use the 32-bit Oracle client, or instead use the 64-bit Oledb client and provider (that is, the Oracle provider is ORAOLEDB.ORACLE).Hope this helps,Greg 

 Hello,Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the Oracle Provider Kit and modified the source code. now it works. 

 Could you give me the link you downloaded from and how 

changed it?

msdaora not registered

 You can download it here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database / windows / downloads / index-090165.htmlThe simplest change is your app's connection string. With luck, no further changes are required. However, you need to run some tests to check this for your code. :)