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An Simple Manner To Repair MySQL Error Code 134



Generally your system could return an error code with MySQL error code 134. This concern might be attributable to quite a few causes.



  MySQL error code 134 = report has already been deleted (or report file crashed) 

Resolution: it is advisable to restore the desk within the database


MySQL desk is corrupted (with MyISAM as storage engine).

1.6.3 Restoring MyISAM Tables

  • tbl_name .frm blocked from adjustments

  • Cannot discover the file tbl_name .MYI (Error code: nnn )

  • Surprising finish of file

  • Recording file crashed

  • Obtained error nnn from desk supervisor

  1. Please again up your knowledge file earlier than continuing.

  2. Use myisamchk -r tbl_name ( -r stands for “restoration mode”). It will take away invalid rows and take away rows from the info. Create the file and re-create the index file.

  3. If the earlier step failed, usemyisamchk – get better safely tbl_name . Protected restoration The mode makes use of an previous restoration methodology that handles a number of instances This regular restoration mode doesn’t work (however is slower).

mysql error code 134


If you’d like the restore course of to go a lot sooner, here is what it is advisable to do Set values sort_buffer_size and Variables key_buffer_size every as much as about 25% of your free reminiscence when working Myisamchk.

  1. Transfer the info file to a protected location.

  2. Use a desk description file to create new (empty) knowledge and file index:

      wrapper> mysql dbname  
      mysql> SET autocommit = 1;mysql> TRUNCATE TABLE tbl_name;mysql> exit  
  3. Copy the previous knowledge file to the newly created knowledge File. (Do not simply transfer the previous file to the brand new one. You wish to make a copy in case of issues.)


In case you are utilizing replication, you have to first aboutbecome her Comply with the above process as this can be a file system Operations that aren’t logged by MySQL.

  1. Restore the outline file from the backup and return to Step 3. You may as well restore and revert to the index file. Step 2. Within the latter case, you have to begin with myisamchk -r.

  2. If you do not have a backup, however you understand precisely what the desk appears like is created, make a duplicate of the desk in one other database. Delete the brand new knowledge file and transfer it .frm Description and Different folks’s index information .MYI A database in your emergency database. It offers you one thing new Description and index information, however go away Information file .MYD solely. Come again to the stage 2 and attempt to restore the index file.