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How To Resolve Netbackup Error 7.1 96



This article will help you if you encounter Netbackup 7.1 Error 96.

Status 96 means that the backup was completed and there is no media available for it. The media selection takes into account the media that was previously used by the media server being backed up. new media that meet the requirements of the storage unit; and, if configured, a “temporary” pool for additional media.



To use the temporary pool as such, you must select the Temporary pool check box in the attributes of the volume pool.

NetBackup is the default pool. In order for all new media to fit into the spare pool (instead of the default), you need to create a barcode rule (hopefully there are barcodes on the media?).

Therefore, you must choose a non-parallel pool in your policy. This can be NetBackup or any pool you create.

You can view these topics in Chapter 8 of the NetBackup Administrator’s Guide, Volume I

About Blank Volume Pools

Add a volume pool

Barcode rules are described in Chapter 9 of Administration Guide I.
In short, you can create a barcode rule like this:

Barcode tag:
Media Type: hcart3
Pool name: Scratch
Maximum number: 0 (not maximum)
Description: —

(Note that must be entered exactly as above.)

Barcode rules also apply only to new ribbons, not to existing ribbons that have already been added to the pul NetBackup.
To move it to Scratch, start it manually or erase all tapes, create a rule and rerun inventory.

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The name of the target volume pool as defined in


Parameter for

The bpduplicate

command is configured as a pool of scratch disks.


– Due to its special nature, the working pool should not be directly regulated by the directive. Make sure that all policies and schedules specify a volume pool other than temporary. Then restart the job.

– If the media is available in the spare pool and is active, but no media has been removed for operation, check the number of connections on the media.

netbackup 7.1 error 96

– If the assembly number of empty staples is on the top side, they will not be included in the operation.

– To resolve this issue, remove the media from the production pool that shows the number of connections greater than 1 and re-inventory. After a successful inventory, check the mount number on the same bracket. It should bezero.

– Repeat the process and this time the medium should be burned.

For more information on the clean pool and its purpose, see the NetBackup Media Manager System Administration Guide.

18: 53: 48.562 [3772.2504] <2> vmdb_query_scratch_bypool2: server returned: EXIT_STATUS 90

18: 53: 48.562 [3772.2504] <2> string_to_record: read response: EXIT_STATUS 90 18: 53: 48.562 [3772.2504] <16> vmdb_query_scratch_bypool2: Server cannot receive line: Invalid volume pool (90) 18: 53: 48.562 [3772.2504] < 16> vmdb_query_scratch_bypool2: query status query_scratchbypool2: invalid volume pool (90) 18: 53: 48.562 [3772.2504] <2> set_job_details: complete 18:53: 48.562 [3772.2504] <16> select_media: media manager error 90, invalid volume pool, host = MEDIASERVER 18: 53: 48.562 [3772.2504] <2> set_job_details: Done 18: 53: 48.562 [3772.2504] <16> select_media: There are no more unallocated media in the Media Manager empty pool in TLD (0) 18: 53: 48.562 [3772.2504] <2> bptm: EXIT with status 96