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How Do I Fix Booting From A Network Boot Drive?



An error code may be encountered that indicates that the network boot drive is loading. There are several steps you can take to fix this problem. We’ll come back to this a bit later.



You can download files to create a floppy disk. By downloading, you accept the legal regulations!

  • Download the latest version

network boot disk download

After downloading the file, read the instructions for creating a hard drive.

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  • Download previous version
  • 2.88 MB Blank Floppy Image — An empty image file to use as the basis for CD / PXE boot images.
  • Free DOSKEY * – allows you to use the up / down arrows to select the latest commands.
  • UHARC * – Version 0.6b, a compression program to create / modify FILES.UHA
  • * (The files reproduced here are copyrighted by their respective owners for simplicity. Please see the license details in the zip file for more information.)

    Why Do I Need Another Bootable Disk?

    I created this disk for several reasons:

    • Floppy disks are dying – the computer on which I created this disk is workingnot even a floppy drive. Most PCs will go bankrupt soonNo floppy drives. So, developedfloppy disk softwarea bit stuck – you would disconnect users who don’t have a floppyTrip. Most boot programs are available on CD-ROM today.
  • On the other hand, when you help people “fix their computer”There are a number of computers in use whose BIOS does not support this.Booting from CD-ROM (most BIOS versions prior to Pentium do not support CD-ROMrun). However, these PCs are still fast enough to surf the Internet orused as X terminals or network routers. This is how it should beYou can boot from this floppy disk and load the shared IDE in a chain.CD ROM. For such PCs, a floppy disk containing just this is sufficient.
  • Another relatively new startup method is reboot.Network. Since this is supported by many BIOSes, regular Linux Live CDs tend to do this.Supports “Terminal Server” mode that allows many PCs to boot from CDNetwork. Older BIOS (more precisely, the BIOS itself)used today) do not support network booting. So it would be greatIf you could also downloadnetwork from this floppy. However,As far as I know, booting from PCMCIA NICs is not possibleBooting from PCI cards depends on the chipset. So I won’t make any promisesHere.
  • Finally, there are many “small disks”flying around in my floppy box which has things like CmosPWD (alsoDecrypt BIOS passwords), Memtest (to test your PC’s RAM) or FreeDOSBootable CD-ROM with drivers (for accessing DOS antivirusstored on CD). And, of course, a GRUB floppy for booting from a Linux floppy.System with HDD while irrigating MBR and / or boot sectors (during)how to find out where your kernel and initrd are stored). Of course youyou could put all this on a CD-ROM, but then you have to inserttwo hard disks (floppy disk and CD-ROM) to boot.
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