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Didn’t Implement Network Error 501? Problems?



You may encounter an error indicating network error 501 is not implemented. There are several ways to solve this problem. Therefore, we will do it shortly. 501 is the HTTP status code if not implemented. This status code is received if the web server does not support the requested feature. Error 501 cannot be fixed and must be fixed by the web server administrator who manages the website and the server you are trying to access.



The HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) code 501 not implemented means that the server does not support the functionality required to respond to the request.

This report can also send a Retry-After header that tells the requester when to re-check if the feature is supported by then.

501 is an appropriate response if the server does not recognize the request method and cannot support it for any resource. The only methods servers need to support (and therefore cannot return 501 ) are GET and HEAD .

If the server recognizes the method but intentionally does not support it, the corresponding response is 405 Method not allowed .

  • Error 501 cannot be fixed, but needs to be fixed on the web server you are trying to access.
  • By default, a 501 response can be cached. That is, unless otherwise specified in header caching.

What Is Error 501 Not Implemented?

The 501 failed error is related to methods used in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). If the code is returned Error 501 means that the method used to satisfy the request did not work or was not found on the server.

This means that this is not an error on the site, but on the server.

To load a page in a web browser, a request is made to the web server. In practice, after notification of the URL, a request for specific content is sent. After receiving such a request, the server understands it and returns the appropriate result, as well as a header with the request status code.

This entire process is done through the HTTP protocol, which includes a number of possible methods: GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, etc. An example of this is the HTTP 404 error that occurs when a page does not exist on the server and is not found upon request.

It should be noted that each web browser displays the 501 error message differently. Among the submitted messages:

  • 501 Not implemented;
  • error 501;
  • HTTP 501.
  • How To Fix Unimplemented 501 Error

    An unfulfilled 501 error is almost always a problem with your web server. There are several things on your part that you can do to Solve the problem. However, this is usually the type of error that you need to contact your host to resolve the issue.

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