Home News FIX: An Error Occurred While Repairing Office During Installation.

FIX: An Error Occurred While Repairing Office During Installation.



Here are some simple techniques you can use to troubleshoot an Office error during installation.



Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used applications on Windows and Mac computers. Since the launch of Microsoft Office 2016, users may have encountered a problem installing the product. The message says, “An error occurred while installing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.”

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 encountered an error during installation, which was updated in February 2019.


Most of the time, this Office installation error is caused by the system setup between a 64-bit system and a 32-bit application, and vice versa. Some users also reported that the issue was resolved after uninstalling a previous version of Microsoft Office or antivirus from your device.

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If you’ve tried this solution before, follow the
instructions below to fix the problem.

1] Start With Windows Store App Troubleshooting Tool

1] Click the Start button in the lower left corner, then click the gear icon to open the Windows 10 settings window.

2] Go to the Updates