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Troubleshooting Tips For Oracle Rac



If you have any tips for troubleshooting Oracle Rac on your PC, this guide will help you fix the problem.




This appendix explains how to diagnose problems with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) components using trace files and log files. This section contains the following topics:

  • Where can I find files for error analysis?

  • Oracle RAC Diagnostic Data Management

  • Using Instance-Specific Alert Files in Oracle RAC

  • Enabling tracing for Java tools and utilities in Oracle RAC

  • Troubleshoot upcoming shutdown

  • Determine if Oracle RAC instances are using a private network

  • Note.

    Trace and log files similar to those generated for Oracle Database using Oracle RAC are also available for Oracle Clusterware components. Oracle Clusterware stores them in the database in a single directory log structure.

    For more information on troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware, see the Oracle Clusterware Administration and Deployment Guide.


    • Network failure or latency between nodes. Removing a node will require 30 consecutive missed records (defaults to CSS Missing Count).
  • Problems writing or reading from disk for CSS voting. If a node cannot transmit momentum to most of the reconciliation files, the node is removed.
  • The participant stops escalating. For example, a LMON process in a database can instruct CSS to remove an instance from a cluster using preemption. In this case, the knot may break.
  • An unexpected error or deadlock in the OCSSD process can be caused by any of the above problems or something else.
  • Oracle error.
  • The Shared-disk Oracle RAC Database Clustering Method Increases Scalability And Reduces Costs. However, It Can Be Difficult To Find And Fix Bugs In Oracle 10g. An Excerpt From This Chapter From “Oracle Database 10g: A Guide To Real Application Clusters” Contains The Diagnostic Frameworks And Tools You Need To Solve Your Most Complex Database Problems.

  • For Resellers: From Oracle Database 10g: Real Applications Clusters Handbook, Chapter 14, provides tips and tools to troubleshoot your customers’ RAC issues. After reading this chapter, you will understand how to work with the log directory structure, database performance issues, cluster reconfiguration, and more.

    RAC Troubleshooting

    This chapter explores the details of debugging Oracle Real Application Clusters, from simple startup problems to complex problems with system downtime or crashes. Oracle RDBMS is a single piece of software – one of the most complex commercial products in the world. With a robust and comprehensive diagnostic framework, you can usually diagnose even complex problems by viewing and interpreting Oracle’s detailed trace files.

    oracle rac troubleshooting advice

    Each instance in the cluster has its own warning logs, which are checked first when a problem is reported. The warning logs contain detailed information about the basic settings of the database, including the non-standard settings used. Magazines beforelookaheads also include start and stop information as well as connected and terminated nodes with timestamps. The warning log is instance specific and its location is determined by the background_dump_dest initialization parameter, which also determines the location of the background process trace files. Other background process trace files, such as LMON or LMD traces, are also written to the position specified by this parameter. If a shared server is configured, trace files for the shared servers are also written to the directory.

    Use the following table of contents to navigate to chapter sections, or click here for complete RAC troubleshooting.

    Oracle Database 10g: A Guide for Real Application Clusters

    Getting Started: Troubleshooting Oracle RAC – Chapter Introduction
    1: Oracle RAC: proto directory structurecols in cluster compatible services
    2: Oracle RAC: Log directory structure in DBMS Oracle
    3: Oracle RAC and Lamport’s algorithm
    4: Oracle RAC ON and OFF
    5: Oracle RAC: database performance issues d onnées
     6: Oracle RAC: Debugging node deletion problems
     7: Oracle RAC: Participant voting
     8: Oracle RAC: Cluster reconfiguration steps
     9: Oracle RAC: Debugging CRS and GSD with DTRACING

    About the book:
    Oracle Database 10g: A Guide to Building Real Application Clusters Learn how to implement real Oracle application clusters from scratch. Optimize availability, wtscalability and efficiency of the database. Here you will find information on RAC concepts, management, optimization and troubleshooting. You will learn how to prepare and create Oracle RAC databases and servers, and how to automate administrative tasks. You will also find in-depth information on the latest Oracle RAC diagnostics, backup and recovery procedures, performance improvements, and custom application development strategies. Buy this book from
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