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Need To Get Rid Of Problems With Panda DirectX Exporter 3ds Max 2013



Last week, some users reported that they stumbled upon Panda DirectX Exporter 3ds Max 2013.



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panda directx exporter 3ds max 2013

AX v1.9.8 is available, a new version of X-File-Exporter for 3ds Max!

You can find the latest version here: http://www.cgdev.net/download.php

Functions performed responsible:

  • Editable patch, editable mesh and poly.
  • Normal, tangent and binormal (optimized).
  • Level and brightness of the mirror.
  • UV tiles, mirrors, clips, cropping.
  • Mannequins or IK chains.
  • vertex color and alpha.
  • DirectX shading.
  • Multi-channel textures.
  • Several sets of texture coordinates.
  • Converting materials with multiple objects.
  • skin and body modifiers.
  • Standard, CAT and bipedal bones.
  • List of repeating vertices.
  • Several series of animations.
  • List of materials worldwide or on the Internet.
  • Conversion from right to left.
  • Text / binary / compressed file format.
  • Automatic detection and correction of skin defects.
  • Converting textures to dds, tga, png, jpg, bmp formats.
  • Createseffects file (.fx) for multiple textures.
  • Frames in local space (hierarchy) or space.
  • Supports 3ds Max 2014 and earlier, such as 3ds Max 7.

What Do You Need

  • 3D Studio Max (any version above 3 will do)
  • Pandasoft X plug-in or Microsoft DirectX Extensions for Max 7.0 (from the new DirectX 9c) as an alternative.
  • MakeMDL

Import Library Problems And Solutions

DeclData is the most useful pattern in the DirectX file format specification. However, it may not be supported by importers such as Assimp. In this case, you can turn off the Vertex Items in DeclData option.

If you are writing a cross-platform game engine and support x-files, the x-loader (CXMeshFileLoader.cpp) in the Irrlicht engine is a great example that can import x-files without D3DX