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Best Way To Fix PC Hard Drive Repair Tool





Is your hard drive damaged due to a file system crash that converts the hard drive to RAW format? This article will introduce many helpful hard drive repair methods with professional hard drive repair software. Follow the instructions to repair your hard drive manually or using hard drive repair software. Also download EaseUS hard drive recovery software to recover data from damaged or damaged hard drive.

What Causes Hard Drive Failure

Hard drives are mechanical devices that, like any mechanical device, can fail without warning. Some hard disk errors are completely preventable, but many others are determined only by luck and chance.

Checking And Fixing External Hard Drive Errors In Windows

You can also try the built-in Windows tools first to check and fix the hard drive error. If you are successful, your data will be easily accessible. The instructions are below.

  1. 1. Open this computer, right-click the external hard drive you want to check, and click the Properties button.
  2. 2. Then click “Tools” and then “Check”.
  3. 3. A new window will open titled “Check Hard Disk Settings”. Select one of the options to check and repair your hard drive. Then click Start.

pc hard drive repair tool

After the whole process, the external hard drive or hard drive partition should be working fine. Now try accessing documents saved on your external storage device.

Bad Luck? Try To Repair Your External Hard Drive From The Command Line

The Command Prompt can be used as a tool for recovering an external hard drive as it is very efficient when restoring the file system and storage. However, if you need to recover data from a damaged external hard drive, this is not enough. The command line will shrink your data to 512KB, so this is not the best option. Therefore, this method should only be used after saving data from the device.

To use Command Prompt, press the Win X / Win key combination (depending on your Windows version). You can also click the Start button.

Then type “cmd” in the search box and hit enter. A new cmd.exe window will appear.

Click on it. You will see a similar line:

Then type chkdsk [drive letter]: option f or option r and press Enter.

It will look like this:

Note: d is an example of the letter Diskis, there is a space between “d:” and “/”.

For reference:

– fix errors on the external hard drive.

– fix a sector outside the hard drive.

This will start scanning your external hard drive. This external hard drive recovery tool is unpredictable, but the file system needs to be recovered.

We hope you chose pThe right tool for repairing external hard drive, and have not regretted their choice. Good luck!

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