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How Can I Repair A Bug In Plesk Antivirus Software program?



Over the previous week, a few of our customers have knowledgeable us that they’re encountering an plesk antivirus software program error.




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  • The cron script below Onyx below CentOS is positioned below:

    /and so forth/cron.day by day/drweb-update

  • Andrey Ivanov (Contract)

    Hiya Websavers Inc.

    Thanks for the clarification. The article comprises the correspondingUpcoming modifications.

  • Replace scripts have been / have been accessible on my system and I by no means obtained a message that the virus databases have been old-fashioned. Nonetheless, an error message is shipped infrequently indicating that the message can’t be handed to the Drweb daemon (normally within the morning between 5 and seven am).

  • No, evidently Dr.Internet reboots with out errors after updates …

  • Does this additionally apply to Plesk v17.8?

  • Nikita Nikushkin

    Hello @ Elias Thanos,

    This text applies to Plesk Onyx, so it additionally applies to Plesk 17.8

  • It seems like there may be an error within the specified script. That is known as:

    plesk antivirus software failure

    outfile = mktemp /tmp/drweb-update.XXXXXX

    however the unique script (which works):

    outfile = `mktemp / tmp / drweb-update.XXXXXX`

  • Nikita Nikushkin

    Hiya to help @Host Europe,

    Article modified

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Hiya everybody, we tried the handbook replace as described within the article. Nonetheless, this doesn’t clear up the issue. Messages are all the time despatched.

  • Nikita Nikushkin

    Hiya @Michael Gutbier,

    I recommend submitting a help request to research different points.

    We would love to check out this subject