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Various Ways To Fix A Non-Activated Printer Error Code 20 Quickbooks Windows 7



Over the past week, some users have encountered a known error code where the printer will not activate Windows 7 Quickbooks with error code 20. This issue is caused by a number of factors. We will discuss this below. Printer Not Included Error Code -20 is just one of the most common error messages for QuickBooks users. This error usually occurs when a user tries to install or upgrade to a newer version of Windows. The root cause of this problem is usually the KEY_CURRENT_CONFIG Software remote key.



printer not activated error code 20 windows 7 quickbooks

If you have updated the operating system and some applications use this key to preserve internal settings, the application key will not be updated. This causes them to crash after updating. This issue usually occurs in QuickBooks software. Error Code 20 QuickBooks – Printer Not Activated is one of the most common error messages encountered by QB software users when trying to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 or 7.

This error caused QB user to be unable to print or send invoices and pay slips, which caused additional inconvenience to business owners. This is a common error caused by applications other than QuickBooks. However, QuickBooks is more important than any other software.

To help you with this problem, we are going to introduce you to two fairly simple methods this method can solve, and we will talk about both methods. The system requires administrator access or they will not work. You can also contactour toll-free support team ( 1-844-521-0490 for further assistance.

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Causes Of Error Code 20 QuickBooks:

Some reasons are listed below

  • This error usually occurs when deleting the HKey_current_config Software key. QB also uses the same registry key. As a result, an obsolete key will prevent the software and printer from working properly. Since many programs use the same registry key, malfunctioning software can also lead to errors in other software.
  • Another reason is that the computer may be occupied by multiple versions of Quickbooks, which is usually not dangerous. However, this may be one of the reasons. In general, installing multiple versions of QB on the same computer is not difficult if their directories are different.
  • If you see this messageno error and cannot save the invoice or payroll in PDF format. Then your PDF driver for QuickBooks may not be compatible with your operating system.

If you have a problem with this question: “The printer is not activated?” Error -20 when trying to save in PDF format in Windows 7 or Windows 8. We will discuss the solution here

Method 1: Reinstall Quickbooks

If you upgrade the operating system, the application settings will be lost. If you reinstall it, the settings will be saved again in the corresponding registry key and work will resume. You can download the app here. After that, the installation is a simple process. When you are done, you can continue working as before.

Method 2: Manually Update The Registry Key