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Solutions For Already Used Address Python Socket.error Errno 48



Today’s blog post should help if you got the python socket.error errno 48 error you used earlier.



You can also do the following on the next largest available port in Python:

  Import SimpleHTTPServerImport SocketServerHandler = SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandlerPort = 8000so far true:    Try:        httpd = SocketServer.TCPServer (('', Port), Dispatcher)        print 'Serving on Port', Port        httpd.serve_forever ()    except SocketServer.socket.error like exc:        if exc.args [0]! = 48:            breeding        Print "port", "port", "already in use".        Port   = 1    different:        Interrupt 

python socket.error errno 48 address already in use

If you need to do the same for other utilities, this may be more convenient than a bash script:

  #! / usr / bin / env bashMIN_PORT = {1: -1025} USDMAX_PORT = {2: -65535} USD(netstat -atn | awk '{printf "% s  n% s  n", $ 4, $ 4}' | grep -oE '[0-9] * $'; seq "$ MIN_PORT" "$ MAX_PORT" ) | sort -R | Head -n 1 

Configure it as an executable named get-free-port and you can do the following:

  someprogram --port = $ (get-free-port) 

This is not as reliable as Python’s own approach because the bash script does not hijack the port – another process might get the port before yours (race condition) – but still quite useful if you are using a utility that does not have a Your own approach to retry.

What Causes The “Socket.error: [Errno 48] Address Is Already In Use” Error?

After a short search, we found the following reasons:

How To Fix Python Socket 48 Error: Address Is Already In Use?