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How Are You Doing With The Raw Formatting In Fat32?



Sometimes your computer may give an error that there is raw formatting in fat32. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.



A USB flash drive, SD card, or external hard drive may suddenly become RAW and cannot be accessed. To help you regain access to your files and use your storage device again, we will show you how to recover data from RAW disk and then convert RAW to FAT32 with a professional RAW to FAT32 converter.

Raw conversion to FAT32. Here are some quick steps to follow:

  1. Step 1. Recover data from RAW SD card, USB stick or external hard drive (optional).
  2. Step 2. Launch the free EaseUS Partition Manager and select “Format”.
  3. Step 3. Configure the partition label and select FAT32 as the target file system.
  4. Step 4. Click Apply to convert RAW to FAT32.

How to recover RAW device or convert RAW to FAT32 on SD card or USB? Most of the time, when SD card, hard drive, USB, etc., when downgrading to RAW format, Windows mostly detects an error and displays a warning like below:you need to format the hard disk drive *: before you can use it. You want to format it. ” ? “

Do not press the Format Disk button right away. This results in data loss. Follow the steps below and choose the best RAW to FAT32 converters to fix RAW devices without data loss:

Why Does The File System Look Like RAW?

RAW file system means that the hard disk is not formatted and has no file system assigned to it. There are several reasons that can push the file system into the background. Some of the most common reasons are listed below

  • A sudden power failure while the PC is running can make the hard drive damp.
  • If incorrect changes are made to the hard disk partitions, it can create the original state of the file.
  • When an external hard drive is connected to the TV, the TV sometimes creates its own format in which the computer cannot read the data and sees it as a RAW file system
  • Due to malware or virusmustache intrusion into the computer can affect the hard drive, which may turn out to be unformatted.
  • In case of physical damage to the material. After that, the file system will be of type Raw
  • When an external hard drive such as a USB cable is disconnected after copying some data. This allows you to restore the hard drive to its original state.

raw formatieren in fat32

Custom Scenario 1

“I added space on my local hard drive to split the partition on a new hard drive. After creating a new hard disk, it is in its original state. So I need to change Raw to FAT32. Please tell me the stages of processing. Please reply as soon as possible. “

To convert a raw file system to FAT32, the user needs to follow the process below.

  • First press Window R to run the command
  • Now type compmgmt.msc and press Enter.
  • Go to Computer Management >> Storage >> Disk Management.
    • After co The data section will be displayed as unallocated.

    • Now right click on the new partition >> New Simple Volume >> click Next and assign a drive letter.

    • Then format the created volume to change the Raw file system to FAT32 and click Finish.

    Note. Raw can be converted to Fat32 only if the disk size is less than 32 GB. Since Fat32 has a maximum limit of 32GB.

    • With this approach, the raw file system can be converted to FAT32 using disk management.

    Custom Scenario 2

    “I have a 32GB USB drive in Fat32 format. When I opened the disc yesterday, I was surprised to see that it went RAW for no reason. Because of this, I am more I can’t open it. Can anyone inform me that with CMD I should switch from Raw to Fat32 without data loss? Â

    In the above scenario, the user needs to convert the raw filesystem to Fat32 using CMD. To do this, follow these steps

    one by one.

    • Enter diskpart in the search box.
  • Now right click on Diskpart and select Run as administrator.
  • Then enter a volume from the list to display all available partitions.
  • Select the target disk to change from raw to Fat32 using cmd
  • Then type Select Volume 3 and press Enter. Make sure you have selected the correct partition or drive.
  • Now quickly enter the format fs = fat32 and press Enter.
  • To close the command prompt, type exit and press Enter.
  • Finally, user can access the disk to change raw to FAT32 with cmd

    After following the above steps, you may find that the data saved before the file system conversion has been lost. This is one of the main disadvantages of handcraft. Also dothose all the steps without skipping them, because this technical knowledge is necessary. So what is the solution to get back the lost data after the raw file system to FAT32 conversion process.

    No Important Data On RAW Disc. Go To The Solution As Follows:

    If the RAW disk does not contain important data, just format the RAW disk to NTFS / FAT32 using the format tool. If Windows cannot format the RAW drive, look for a professional formatting tool (like a low-level formatting tool) to format the RAW drive to NTFS / FAT32.



    How do I change raw files to fat32 without formatting?

    After successfully recovering data on RAW disk, you can convert RAW formatted to FAT32 without worrying about data loss.

    1. Open This PC, My Computer, or Disk Management and locate the RAW drive.
    2. Right-click the RAW drive to select Format.
    3. Configure the file system to FAT32 and assign a volume label to it.

    How do I change raw files to fat32 in CMD?

    Select the target disk to be changed from raw to Fat32 using cmd. Then type Select Volume 3 and press Enter. Make sure you have selected the correct partition or drive. Now quickly enter the format fs = fat32 and press Enter.

    How do I format a raw SD card?

    To format your SD card or USB drive using Disk Management: right-click This PC> Management> Disk Management. Locate your SD card RAW and right click on it. Select “Format” and select the file system, which can be FAT, exFAT, FAT32 or NTFS. Click OK.