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I Have A Problem Reinstalling Rdp Win 7 Client



You may get an error that the rdp win 7 client will be reinstalled. In this case, there are several ways to solve this problem. We will explain this to you shortly.

Click Start. Right click Computer. Select Properties.Select the “Remote Desktop” tab. Click on Advanced. Select “Allow” if you have an older or latest version of RDP installed on your computer.More Articles …



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  • How do I restore or reinstall Remote Desktop Services in Windows 7? Is there a self-signed certificate installed with RDP that could be corrupted? Is there a more reliable logging solution for this problem?

    My firewall is off. I have installed IIS. I used to be able to remotely control my Windows 7 workstation. I don’t understand why this stopped working. 3389 is fully functional and will respond to Telnet request (implicit Open). After you type mstsc on my computer, it will ask you for a username and password, and after you click Connect, the computer trying to connect will display the following error message: “This computer cannot connect to the remote computer … ”No. irrelevant Who or which computer is trying to establish a connection …

    Reboot Workstation narrow – Invalid answer.

    The next error log is saved

    The following fatal warning was generated: 20. Internal error state: 960.

    Event ID: 36888

    Source: Schannel

    I was getting this error too (but only once):

    The Terminal Server Security Level encountered an error in the log stream and disconnected the client. Client IP address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.

    Event ID: 56

    Source: TermDD


  • I found an article that might help you – http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/912688-windows-7-repair-install-cannot-connect-via-remote-desktop/ . This applies to the sameSource: channel; An issue with Event ID 36888 that you encountered while trying to start RDP.

    For simplicity, it shows the following:

    “To solve this problem, I went to the certificates console ( For a computer account) and deleted the computer name certificate from the Remote Desktop Certificates folder (after the certificate was securely stored), then disabled Remote Desktop. and reactivated (I don’t know if this step is needed, but I tried to imagine that it can restore the certificate). Then I tried to connect from my remote computer and it made a good connection. It looks like the certificate was restored the first time Log in after removing the certificate. “

    Come back here if this does not solve your problem. We will help you. Hope this helps!

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