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You Need To Reinstall Windows 7 Upgrade Without Any Vista Issue



Occasionally, your computer may display a message telling you to reinstall the Windows 7 update without Vista. This issue can be caused by a number of reasons.

Windows VistaThe penalty for unsuccessful activation of Windows Vista is much more severe than Windows XP. Vista will go into “Reduced Functionality Mode” or RFM after a 30-day grace period. You cannot play Windows games under RFM. You will also lose access to additional features like Aero Glass, ReadyBoost, or BitLocker.



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ï »¿If you have an updated version, you will need an appropriate version of Windows (XP or Vista) with a valid license to use the update from Windows 7. If XP or Vista is not installed, they will be released until the phone is activated.

Reinstall Windows 7 from Update Media:

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If online activation failed:

Call Microsoft using manual phone activation

Note. Esland you are still installing Windows and do not enter your key on the Enter Product Key page and uncheck the Activate automatically via Internet checkbox, click OK / Next to complete the installation.

1. Open Windows Activation. Click the Start button, right-click Computer, select Properties, and then select the option to activate Windows now or change the key.

2. Click Show Alternative Activation Methods.

3. Enter your Windows 7 product key and click Next.

reinstall windows 7 upgrade without vista

4. Click Use the automated telephone system.

5. Click the closest location in the drop-down list, and then click Next.

6. Call one of the available phone numbers.

7. Don’t select any option and wait for someone to pick you up. Then explain what happened.

Install and reinstall Windows 7:


Do you have questions about installing Windows 7?

FAQ – General Questions and Answers for Installing Windows 7

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If your computer had an earlier qualifying license, such as Windows Vista or Windows XP, and the COA is still attached to the computer in good condition, the COA is a sufficient basisto demonstrate compliance with the software. License agreement. No actual installation of previous software is required. This means you can do a clean install using your hard drive to update Windows 7.

To reinstall using the update disk:

Boot from DVD Windows 7
Click Install Now
Accept the license agreement
When prompted to select an installation type, click (Advanced Custom)
Click “Disk Options”
Select the drives and click Remove.Click “Create”
Click “Apply”
Click OKClick Format, then click Next to continue with the installation.
Do not enter your Windows 7 product key and complete the installation.

When you get to your desktop, click “Start” then right-click “Computer”

Click “Properties”

Scroll down to Windows Activation

Click the x days link to activate it.

Click the Show me other activation methods link

Enter your product key

Click “Next”

Select “Phone Activation”

When prompted for a key page, click Next.
Select your country

Click Next and call the specified number
Remember to explain your situation to the appeals officer.

Enter the installation ID generated when prompted by the call agent

In return you will receive a confirmation ID, enter this

Click Next to complete the activation.

However, the requirements for updating the media are that you must have an appropriate operating system, such as Windows XP or Vista, installed in order to use it. From Windows 7 End User License Agreement

15. UPDATES. To use a software update, you must first have a software license suitable for the update. When you upgrade, this agreement replaces the software agreement from which you upgraded. After updating, you may not be able to use it software withYou are very expensively updated.

If you still get rejected, all you have to do is reinstall Windows XP or Vista and perform an authorization check.

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