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How Can I Clear up Issues With Denied Entry To The Rcpt_to Relay?



Over the previous few days, some customers have encountered an error message that denied entry to the rcpt_to relay. This drawback can come up for a number of causes. Let’s check out them beneath.



I’m attempting to arrange my server for emails referenced from this hyperlink: SMTP Forwarding Outgoing Emails in Postfix – Utilizing Webmin. In my case, I used the Mandrill SMTP server. I additionally arrange an undefined occasion earlier than organising the principle server. However when I attempt to ship an e-mail from the server (each Vagrant and Foremost) use:

  sendemail -f [email protected] -t  @ gmail.com -m "message textual content" -u "message topic" 

Messages are queued in Postfix and by no means attain their vacation spot.

The file
relay access denied rcpt_to

/var/log/mail.log shows:

  Präzision64 postfix / smtpd [16542]: join from localhost []suffix Precis64 / smtpd [16542]: 116033A4253: shopper = localhost []precise 64 Postfix / cleanup [16545]: 116033A4253: message-id = <[email protected]>precisely 64 suffix / qmgr [12672]: 116033A4253: from = , measurement = 916, nrcpt = 1 (energetic queue)Precis64 postfix / smtpd [16542]: disconnect from localhost []precision64 postfix / smtp [16546]: An unreliable TLS connection was established with smtp.mandrillapp.com []: 587: TLSv1.1 encrypted with AECDH-AES256-SHA (256/256 bits)precision64 postfix / smtp [16546]: 116033A4253: Host smtp.mandrillapp.com [] stated: 454 4.7.1 : Entry denied to relayui (in response to RCPT TO command)precision64 postfix / smtp [16546]: An unreliable TLS connection has been established with smtp.mandrillapp.com []: 587: TLSv1.1 encrypted with AECDH-AES256-SHA (256/256 bits)precise suffix 64 / smtp [16546]: 116033A4253: to = , relay = smtp.mandrillapp.com []: 587, delay = 4.3, delay = 0.06 / 0, 01/04 / 0.28, dsn = 4.7.1, standing = deferred (host smtp.mandrillapp.com [] stated: 454 4.7.1 : Relay entry denied (in response to RCPT TO command) ) 

And file /and many others/postfix/important.cf :

  # A extra full model with feedback might be discovered at /usr/share/postfix/important.cf.dist# Debian particular: specifying a filename ends in the primary# The string of this file to make use of because the identify. Debian default setup# is / and many others / mailname.#myorigin = / and many others / mailnamesmtpd_banner = $ my ESMTP hostname $ mail_name (Ubuntu)biff = no# Including .area is the job of the MUA.append_dot_mydomain = no# Remark out the next line to generate pending e-mail alerts#delay_warning_time = 4 hoursreadme_directory = no# TLS settingssmtpd_tls_cert_file = /and many others/ssl/certs/ssl-cert-snakeoil.pemsmtpd_tls_key_file = /and many others/ssl/personal/ssl-cert-snakeoil.keysmtpd_use_tls = yessmtpd_tls_session_cache_database = btree: $ {information listing} / smtpd_scachesmtp_tls_session_cache_database = btree: $ {information listing} / smtp_scache# See / Usr / share / doc / postfix / TLS_README.gz within the postfix-doc bundle for# Learn to allow SSL in SMTP shopper.myhostname = exact64# myhostname = instance.comalias_maps = hash: / and many others / aliasesalias_database = hash: / and many others / aliasesmy vacation spot = exact64, localhost.localdomain ,, localhostrelayhost = smtp.mandrillapp.com:587mynetworks = [:: ffff: lightboxes / 104 [:: 1] / 128# mynetworks = instance.commailbox_size_limit = 0Receiver_Delimiter =  inet_interfaces = allsmtpd_sasl_auth_enable = yessmtpd_recipient_restrictions = allow_mynetworks rejets_unauth_destinationvirtual_alias_maps = Hash: / and many others / postfix / genericsmtp_tls_loglevel = 1smtp_tls_security_level = encryptsmtp_sasl_security_options = not anonymoussmtp_generic_maps = Hash: / and many others / postfix / generic 

Want recommendation. What is going on on right here? I’m new to organising a mail server. We apologize for all of the foolish errors.

What Causes The “Relay Entry Denied” Error?

When an e-mail is shipped, it’s first despatched to the sender’s mail server (also referred to as MX). It’s then despatched to the MX of the recipient, and from there to the recipient.

There are TWO servers concerned – the sender’s MX and the receiver’s MX. If both of those servers rejects the e-mail, the sender will see a Relay Entry Denied error.


Slutea 1. sender MX rejects e-mail

Every mail server requires its customers to supply a username and password to ship mail. That is to guard in opposition to spammers. Fairly often, nonetheless, energetic e-mail customers overlook to allow authentication on their e-mail purchasers and MX rejects their e-mail.

Bobcares manages web site help for a number of firms. A fast have a look at the help tickets we course of reveals that 95% of relayed entry denied errors are attributable to incorrect SMTP settings.

When purchasers contact us with this error, we first examine the settings of their mail purchasers. By guiding customers to the proper settings for every mail shopper and mail server, we are going to assist them ship emails with out this error.


Case 2. The recipient’s MX rejects the letter

The recipient’s mail server will solely settle for e-mail if it may possibly acceptConfirm that the recipient is a legitimate person on this server. As an illustration. If the recipient’s account is deleted or inactive, the e-mail won’t be accepted.



help specialists typically affiliate the reason for these errors with:

  • Invalid MX sender configuration (for instance, SMTP authentication choices are disabled)
  • The recipient’s e-mail handle is inactive or canceled.
  • The recipient DNS MX information level to the flawed server (typically after migration).
  • Recipient person database error.

Assist me repair this error!

We’ve seen two variations of this error on hosting servers:

  • 554 5.7.1 Relay Entry Denied – This error seems within the recipient’s mail server logs when an e-mail is rejected.
  • 474 4.7.1 Relay Entry Denied – This error seems within the server logs when the receiving server is quickly unable to obtain e-mail. Mail supply can be tried later.

If inThe web site proprietor encounters these errors after a latest configuration change, migration or new server configuration, we are going to overview the MX area configuration and repair the errors there.

Professional tip: If emails are despatched to a number of mail servers, the mail server configuration could also be incorrect. If the e-mail is shipped to just a few recipient addresses, the issue is likely to be particular to these accounts.

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Answer For “Relay Entry Denied” Error On The Consumer Aspect.

Step one is to contact your e-mail service supplier for help and examine your e-mail settings. You need to be sure to have the proper credentials corresponding to: B. Mail server, username and password. Additionally examine if it’s good to use SMTP authentication or not. As well as, you could have to useUse POP over SMTP. Additionally examine your e-mail supplier’s settings at this level.
Typically, if it seems that you’re utilizing POP earlier than SMTP, there could also be issues along with your cell system. That is as a result of change in your information community because of lowered protection, that’s, when altering totally different WiFi entry factors. On this case, your IP handle might change. Consequently, you’ll ship an e-mail from a brand new IP handle as an alternative of the IP handle you first authenticated with. To work round this concern, attempt switching to SMTP authentication so you’ll be able to examine in case your e-mail supplier has activated this characteristic as nicely. If that fails, you need to contact your e-mail supplier and ask them to allow SMTP authentication on the e-mail server.
Lastly, it’s at all times attainable that anti-spam filters are activated on the recipient’s server. On this case, you need to ask your e-mail supplier to go looking the mail server log recordsdata for extra info on methods to resolve this drawback.

Answer Of “Relay Entry Denied” Error On The Mail Server Aspect

There are two most typical conditions wherein a server proprietor can encounter this or the same error.

  • If an finish person tries to ship an e-mail, they will obtain and submit a non-delivery error message.
  • The second one that tries to ship an e-mail to a person in your server receives an error and informs you about it.
  • Within the log recordsdata, you need to discover one thing alongside this message.

     10-30-2018 15:22:23 1brcGf-0006ac-Mf **  [Email secure] R = dkim_lookuphost T = dkim_remote_smtp H = exampleserver.com []X = TLSv1