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Troubleshooting Hard Drive Repair And Read Errors – The Easy Way



During the past week, some users have come across a known error message regarding read failure while restoring hard drive. This problem occurs for several reasons. We’ll cover them below.

  1. Boot from the installation media.
  2. Click Repair your computer or press R.
  3. Click Troubleshoot.
  4. Click more options.
  5. Click Command Prompt.
  6. Enter the commands and press Enter after each: bootrec / rebuildbcd bootrec / fixmbr bootrec / fixboot.



Troubleshooting An error occurred while reading the hard drive in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Why Is There An Error Reading From The Hard Disk?

The actual cause of this error varies from computer to computer, from hardware problems to software problems. This section lists the most common causes of hard drive read errors.

Computer hard drive is failing

In most cases, a failure to read from a hard drive indicates damage. If the boot sector on the hard disk is damaged or there are bad sectors in the system partition, the system boots with errors.

No bootable hard drive

Sometimes a hard drive read error before booting occurs because the computer is reading the wrong boot hard drive. If the bootable hard drive is missing or the bootable hard drive is not configured correctly, the system will not boot normally.

Damaged hard drive cable

An IDE cable is a large piece of twisted cable in your computer case thatThe one responsible for connecting the hard drive to the motherboard. Sometimes, incorrect or loose IDE cables can cause hard disk read or write errors.

BIOS setup issue

In rare cases, a hard disk read error occurs due to incorrect BIOS settings. If any BIOS updates are available, they should be updated carefully.

MBR corrupted

Another common cause is incorrect or invalid setup of the Master Boot Recorder. Moreover, corrupted MBR configuration can be caused by virus attack, power outage, bad sectors, etc. Also, incorrectly configured partition table can cause this problem.

Sudden power failure

Incorrect system shutdown can damage your computer’s files and hard drives. This usually happens when the power is accidentally turned off or the system must be shut down to terminate a program that is not responding. After a computer crash, Windows checks the file system and hard drive at startup to check And fix problem files.

Operating system problem

An incomplete or incorrect installation of Windows also leads to this problem; For example, if DLL files are missing on the system or some system registry files are damaged.

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when reading from hard drive

Now that you know what causes the hard drive read error, dive into the heart of the matter and find out how I can work around or fix hard drive repair errors.

Solution 1: Remove External Devices

We started with basic solutions and gradually moved on to more complex solutions. Often, an external device or peripheral can hang a component in Windows and cause an error when reading the hard drive. Hence, you can easily remove all kinds of external devices and peripherals from the system. This includes USB sticks, SD cards, CD / DVDs, headphones, etc. If you’ve connected a Bluetooth device (such as a wireless mouse or headset), disconnect that too.

Solution 2. After A While, Restart Your Computeruter

Overheating of the system is one of the main reasons for failure to read from a hard disk. If so, just turn off the system and let it run. To force shutdown the computer, you can long press the power button. Now wait at least a few hours for all internal components and microcircuits to cool down. Turn it on and check if your Windows 7/10 system appears right after reading from the hard drive.

Solution 3: Check The Hard Drive Cable

Sometimes the problem is not with the hard drive, but with the connecting cable. To verify this, you may need to unmount your system. Now check the connected SATA or IDE cable carefully or simply replace it with a new one. You also need to check if the cable is connected to the correct port or not. In addition, the hard drive jumper must be connected to the host. You can even remove all other hard drives and try to turn on the system with only the boot drive connected.

Solution 4: Scan And Repair Your Hard Drive

As mentioned above, a damaged hard disk or bad sector is one of the main reasons for hard disk read failure. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix a damaged hard drive. You can use the boot manager or use commands such as CHKDSK (Check Disk) and SFC (System File Checker). System File Checker performs a deep scan of your hard drive and repairs all kinds of bad sectors and damaged components.

1. First of all, you need to boot your system into Safe Mode. To do this, restart your computer and hold down the F8 key to get the boot options. From there, choose to start the system in safe mode using the command line.

2. A command prompt window will appear on the screen. By default, the control is located in the System32 folder in the Windows directory. Otherwise, you can change the directory to C: Windows system32.

3. Just enter the “SFC” command followed by the “/ scannow” option to scan drive C. That’s it, now just type “SFC / scannow” and press Enter.

4. This will force Windows to scan and repair your hard drive.Th disc. As this may take some time, do not turn off the system during breaks for best results.

Solution 5: Reset Or Update The BIOS

There may also be problems with your system’s BIOS settings. You can fix this problem simply by going into BIOS settings and resetting to factory settings. You can also update your BIOS settings.

1. Power on the system and press the BIOS key (F2, F10, DEL, etc.) several times to enter the system BIOS settings.

2. Use the appropriate keys to access the Logout tab. Here you can see an option such as Load Defaults. In some versions, this may include loading a BIOS standard, applying factory settings, resetting BIOS settings, etc.

3. Just confirm your choice by choosing “Yes” and restart the system with the default BIOS settings.

You can also visit your system manufacturer’s download center and download the latest BIOS setup file from here. This will allow you to update your BIOS settings to the latest version.

Solution 6: Check Your RAM

Needless to saythat bad or slow RAM can also cause your system to crash or freeze. Therefore, it is important to eliminate the possibility of a RAM malfunction while correcting a hard disk read error. If you can access your system, follow these steps to find out how to fix a hard drive read error.

1. First of all, go to the search bar in the Start menu and search for Windows Memory Diagnostics. From there, you can launch your desktop application.

2. You can also launch the Run command line (by pressing Windows key R) and enter the Match command.

3. A special interface for diagnosing Windows memory will open. You can now restart your computer and run thorough diagnostics.

4. Wait for Windows to restart and load the Memory Diagnostic Interface. This will show progress while it checks your system memory and notifies you of any problems.

repair read error hard disk

If the RAM is damaged, you can disassemble the system and replace it with a new component.

Solution 7. Fix The MBR Or BOOT Withew CHKDSK

In addition to BIOS settings, the Master Boot Record (MBR) or Windows Boot Component can also cause problems such as “An error occurred while reading from the hard disk.” To fix this problem, you can get help from the command line and give specific instructions. If you cannot open the command prompt as usual, you can also restart the system in safe mode using the command prompt.

1. First, run a command prompt on your system and enter the instructions “Bootrec / fixboot” and “Bootrec / fixmbr” to repair MBR or BOOT components.

2. If this does not work, you can also use the CHKDSK (Check Disk) command. First enter “Bootrec / Rebuildbcd” and then enter the CHKDSK command after processing.

3. The correct format is “chkdsk / f / r” as these settings allow you to fix and recover lost files and bad sectors. You can also enter a drive letter after the Chkdsk command.

Solution 8: Try Using The Hard Drive On Another PC

If all else fails, you can also connect yourhard drive to another Windows computer. Just make sure the other system supports the file format on your hard drive. Be careful when disconnecting the hard drive and connecting it to another system. If you can access the hard drive on another system, the problem is with your computer.

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How do I fix disk read error in Windows 10?

Fixed: hard disk read error
  1. Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart. “He was more worried about the data on the disk, and was afraid that the hard disk would fail.
  2. Unplug your USB or DVD drive.
  3. Reset / update BIOS.
  4. Rebuild MBR and fix startup.
  5. Check your hard drive cables.
  6. Check your RAM.
  7. Try the player on a different computer.
  8. Conclusion:

What does it mean when a disk read error occurred?

Hard disk reading error is a common error that we may encounter. This error means that Windows has detected a problem with the hard drive or a hard drive read error. When you press Ctrl Alt Del to restart your computer, you still get the same error, unable to start Windows.

How do I fix a corrupted hard drive?

Ways to repair a damaged hard drive
  1. Go to computer / this computer >> select hard drive >> select properties.
  2. Select Tools >> Error Checking >> Check Now >> Check Local Hard Drive >> Start.
  3. Stop all open and running programs >> wait for the system check at next boot >> restart your computer.