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Sometimes your computer may display the message “Replace Winsock Windows XP”. This issue can be caused by a number of reasons. To repair Winsock if Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) is installed, type netsh winsock reset at a command prompt, and then press Enter. Warning. Programs that access or control the Internet, such as clients such as antivirus, firewall, or proxy clients, may be affected if you run the netsh winsock reset command.



Most internet connection problemsoccur due to corrupted Winsock settings. Can get windows socket settingsdamaged by the installation of network software or possibly due toMalware infection. You can connect toInternet, but packets are not sent in both directions. And errors likeThe page cannot be displayed when using Internet Explorer. TheseThe article lists methods (with links to third party websites) to reset / restoreDefault setting for Winsock configuration.


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  • Microsoft Knowledge Base Article

  • Error: An attempt was made to perform an operation on something other than a socket.
  • resetInternet Protocol (TCP / IP) on Windows XP
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 – New Compa ndy Winsock NETSH

    Two new Netsh commands are available in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

    Reset Netsh Winsock Directory

    This command dumps the Winsock directory toStandard complete set. This can be useful if a bad LSP is installed.leads to loss of network connection. It can be restored using this commandThe network connection should be used with care as there is noYou must reinstall the previously installed LSPs.

    Netsh Winsock Exhibition Catalog

    This command displays a list of Winsock LSPs.installed on the computer.

    See:Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2: Networking ChangesProtection technologies

    Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE LSP Explorer add-on can generate more information than NETSHoffers options for backing up, restoring LSP and exporting parts to HTML /Plain text file. Using the report, you can easily identify third party LSPs.product, company name, and corresponding LSP vendor file name.

    • Download / Install OS with Lavasoft Ads

    • Visit stplugin page and install the LSP Explorer plugin for supported ads (pllspexplorer)

    • Launch Ad-Aware and click the Add-ons button

    • Double click and run the LSP Explorer add-in

    Download the Sample LSP HTML Report (6KB ZIP archive).

    Pay attention to resetWinsock using netsh winsock reset catalog command in SP2 removes them allthird party LSP and reset Winsock to factory defaults. ExistingPrograms using native LSPs need to be reinstalled. Example..Google search on your desktop.

    To exitresults in the file type specified on the command line (CMD.EXE)

    Show Netsh Winsock Directory> C: lsp.txt

    Click here to seeNow a sample file -lsp.txt

    What Does A Netsh Winsock Reset Do?

    Resetting Winsock will override the settings made in the Winsock directory on Windows. Changes can be made using network programs such as web browsers , email clients , or VPN programs . Reset netsh Winsock resets the filewsock32 DLL back to default, which gives this program a fresh start when connecting to TCP / IP traffic.

    Hotfix Microsoft Winsock

    replace winsock windows xp

    The easiest and safest way to reset the TCP / IP stack is to download a free utility from Microsoft.


    Just download the file corresponding to your version of Windows and start the wizard!

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    Is it safe to reset Winsock?

    Is it safe to reset Netsh Winsock? If you are concerned that resetting Netsh Winsock while in use might cause problems for your system, the answer is no. And yes, Winsock reset is completely safe as it will fix our network connectivity problems in no time.

    What is the command to remove all Winsock LSP?

    The netsh winsock reset command resets the winsock directory to a clean state or default configuration. It removes any previously installed Winsock Layered Service Provider, including a potentially bad LSP that causes loss of network packet transmission.

    What causes Winsock corruption?

    Corrupted Winsock or Windows socket configuration can be caused by many reasons, such as: B. Network software installation or infection with viruses, Trojans or malware, and sometimes even spyware treatment with security software.