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UPDATE: Windows 7 System Restore With System Restore Points



This article is written to help you if you restore your Windows 7 system using the system restore points error message.

  1. Enter System Restore in the boot menu. Press Enter or click the System Restore shortcut.
  2. On the System Restore page, click Next. You will now be prompted to select your previously created system restore point.
  3. Confirm the time and description of the restore point and click Finish.



nginx / 1.13.42

What Should I Do If System Restore In Windows 7 Fails?

If system restore fails to create or fails to restore a restore point, follow these steps.

Fix 1: System Restore Enabled

If there are no system restore points, it might be because the system restore utility was manually disabled. If you disable System Restore, all previously created points will be deleted. It is enabled by default.

restoring a windows 7 system by using system restore points

Follow the instructions below to make sure everything is working properly during system restore.

For Windows XP:

  1. Click Start> Control Panel.
  2. Click System.
  3. Click the System Restore tab.
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