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The Msiexec Service Was Not Found On The Computer For Troubleshooting



You may receive an error that the msiexec service cannot be found on your computer. Well, there are several ways to fix this problem. We’ll talk about this a little later. Identifying problems with Windows InstallerClick Start. …At the command prompt, type MSIExec and press Enter.If the MSI engine is running, you shouldn’t receive any error messages. …Try to install or uninstall again.



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    Office 2007, Office 2003
  • Reasons Why Windows Installer Is Not Working

    Windows Installer is a Microsoft Windows component used to install, maintain, and remove software. So how do you fix the unavailable Windows Installer service or fail to fix the Windows Installer problem?

    Here are the main reasons for this error and you can find the best solution for this problem:

    • Windows Installer is not installed correctly.
    • Windows Installer files are damaged or missing.
    • Registration Permissions or.
    • Windows Installer is out of date or has a compatible issue.

    Don’t worry if you run into this problem on your computer. Try the methods presented in the next partto get Windows Installer to work correctly again on Windows 10/8/7.

    Method 1: Make Sure The Windows Installer Service Is Running

    Sometimes, when the installer service is disabled, you may see this error. You can enable it by choosing Start, then Run and typing Services.msc. On newer versions of Windows, just click Start and type services.msc.


    Then scroll down to Windows Installer and double-click it. Set the Startup Type to Manual, click Apply, then click Start to start the service.


    You can also start the service by selecting Start, Run and typing net start MSIServer in the Run box.

    Method 2 – Remove MSIEXEC Without Extension

    Another strange thing that can happen is the creation of a second msiexec file in your C: Windows system32 directory. By default, there should be only one msiexec.exe file in this directory, but sometimes another file is created with no extension and 0 KB in size.

    If so, you need toRename the additional msiexec file with the .OLD extension. After renaming, you can restart the Windows Installer service. Just go to Services, right-click Windows Installer and choose Restart.

    Method 3: Change RPC Service

    Sometimes a problem can be caused by another service called RPC. As mentioned above, go back to Services (Start, Run, services.msc), right-click Remote Procedure Call (no RPC locator) and select Properties.

    Now go to the Connection tab and under Connect As: select Local System Account and check the box next to Allow this service to interact with the desktop. Then restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved.

    If that doesn’t work, check the This account: radio button and click Browse. Find a network service and click OK. The password for this account is entered automatically, so do not change it.

    Restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved. Note that you should keep this setting if it no longer appears when you select the Local System account. Change it to NT Authority NetworkService only if the local system account is down.

    Method 4: Reinstall Windows Installer Service

    If that doesn’t work, you can download the Windows Installer service and reinstall it! A bit ironic how? Do this if you don’t even see the service listed in the Services applet, or if nothing works.

    service msiexec was not found on computer

    You can download the MSIServer package from WinHelpOnline. Once you’ve downloaded it, unzip it, right click on the .REG file and choose Merge. Click Yes when prompted to confirm. This essentially adds the necessary registry keys for the installation service to function properly.

    Method 5. Install The Latest Windows Installer

    Finally, you can search for “Windows Installer” on Google and download the latest version from Microsoft. This ensures that you don’t use more than a hundredi’m a version that may conflict with other software, etc.

    Hopefully one of these solutions will solve your problem! If you have done otherwise, please leave a comment and let us know how! Thanks!



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