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standby button missing after windows xp home reinstall

If the Sleep and / or Hibernation buttons are missing, inactive, or inactive in the Turn Off Computer menu:

Did the options in the Off menu work correctly?start your computer “?

Have you recently installed, reinstalled, updated or repaired Windows XP?

Has anything been changed on your system that relates to your video display and / or monitor?

What do you think happened after the menu items for the last shutdown of the computer worked correctly?

If the buttons worked before and you just installed Windows, reinstalled Windows, performed a repair install, used a system restore point (or something similar), you will probably need to update your drivers. video to restore performance. buttons.

If you’ve accepted Microsoft’s video hardware driver updates (bad idea), they may have sent you the wrong drivers.

Often times, if your system has the wrong video drivers installed, these buttons will not work.

The graphics drivers for your system are generic and easy to check and fix. They need to be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Download the correct (current) graphics drivers for your video card, install the correct graphics drivers Then reboot your computer. Your system, then test it.

If you are unsure how to check if your video drivers are correct, how to get to the manufacturer’s website or what to do next, we can find you if you have others. Give information.

What is the make and model of your system?

If you don’t know what you have, here’s what to do:

Click Start, Run and type the following in the box:


Click OK. When the system summary appears, click Edit, Select All, Copy and Paste Here.

For video driver information, expand Components, click View, click Edit, Select All, Copy and paste the information here.

There is personal information (such as system name and username), and whatever you think is private information, just delete.

This minimizes the number of questions and answers and eliminates guesswork, trial and error.

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