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Suggestions To Fix Status Error 7 When Installing ROM



Sometimes, your computer may display a status error 7 when installing the ROM. This issue can be caused by a number of reasons.



When installing certain custom ROMs on rooted Android smartphones or tablets, ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery sometimes encounters “Status 7” errors.

A status 7 error occurs when the ROM update script file confirms that your phone model is compatible with the installed ROM, which is called an “error”.

Asserts is a security mechanism that prevents you from accidentally installing another phone’s ROM on your phone. For example, you tried to install a Galaxy S2 ROM on a Galaxy S3 and you ended up hardening your phone, but you got a Status 7 error that saved you.

This security mechanism is great, but there are times when, even if you have the correct ROM for your phone, you will see a Status 7 error.

This is due to a ROM developer error in the update script, leading to chaos.

Force people to install other custom recoveries like TWRP for no reason.

You can fix the problem by installing TWRP recovery. However, if you need to restore CWM backups later, you will have to reinstall CW restoreM, which poses big problems.

Using ROM Manager to update to the latest version of CWM recovery usually solves this problem.

status 7 error installing rom

But what if you have updated to the latest version of CWM recovery, but it still happens? And yes, this happens even when the CWM recovery is updated.

If you just don’t want to modify your recovery (because if it’s not broken, don’t fix it) or if you still get a status 7 error after changing the recovery, you can simply change the update script. collect it. get rid of complaints.

All you need is a computer and a zip program! (You might even be able to do this on your Android device using AndroZip and a text editor, but I haven’t tried it yet.)

Make sure the ROM you installed is compatible with your Android device, as installing the wrong ROM can damage your device!

Step 1. Copy the ROM zip file to your computer and extract it using your favorite unzipping software.

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Step 9. Try it Can’t reinstall the ROM. It should now be installed correctly with no status error 7.What Is Status 7 Error?

The Status 7 error is an exception that is thrown when the ROM update script file named “Crashes” looks for the device model in the custom ROM that you are trying to install. The claims file acts as a security mechanism so that the wrong ROM is not installed on your device.

  • This error can occur when flashing a custom ROM from another device. Otherwise, the developer made a mistake in the custom ROM update script.
  • This can be fixed by simply flashing TWRP recovery. However, in this case, you will not be able to restore backups made with CWM recovery.
  • Also, it is usually sufficient to update to the latest version of CWM recovery using the ROM manager.

But what if you have the latest version of CWM Recovery installed and the correct ROM for the firmware on your device, and the problem persists?
Well, mWe are here to help you solve this problem.

Fix Status 7 Error When Loading Page From OTA Zip

We all love the new OEM software updates because they contain new additions, features and improvements. But sometimes we will not receive OTA if it is not available due to regional restrictions. In this case, we look for an OTA zip file and get a new update by downloading it from a page on our device or flashing it via an inventory restore. While some are doing well, some users get a Status 7 error message on the screen for several reasons. Take a look below:

  find service pack ...Open update package ...Check for service pack ...Install update ...Checking the current system ..."/System/app/Drive.apk" contains unexpected content.E: Error in /tmp/update.zip(Status 7)Abandoned object.  


 Install update ...Checking the current system ..."/ system / bin / mpdecision" contains unexpected content.E: Error in /tmp/update.zip(Status 7)Abandoned object. 


 Check current system .../ dev / block / platform / msm_sdcc.l / by-name / system has been redeployed to R / W. Re-program the device to re-enable OTA updates 
 (state 7)Abandoned object. 


Error status 7

If you take a close look at the recovery logs above, you will get an idea of ​​the reasons behind the various Status 7 error cases when installing OTA files on Android devices.

This error means that the system partition has been modified and the updater is canceling the installation. The first thing to keep in mind is that if you are having problems downloading / installing the default OTA zip file, you must have root access or some changes on your device. If you get a Status 7 error while trying to install OTA, ask yourself a few questions:

  • You are semichile root access or are there SU binaries on the device?
  • Did you flash your own kernel?
  • Have you installed custom recovery on your device, for example CWM / PhilZ / TWRP?
  • Have you installed a custom ROM on the device?
  • Did you uninstall the system application to get rid of the gas?
  • If you are not root, have you disabled the system application in Settings> Applications?
  • Have you locked the system app with Titanium Backup or a similar app?
  • Is there any system application or audio mod installed on the device?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, you must first eliminate the reason for the successful OTA installation.

The best way to fix the possible causes of the Status 7 error is to replenish the device by flashing the standard firmware.

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[FIX][SOLVED]Status 7 Error with CWM or TWRP Recovery on …

Copy the zip file of the ROM to your computer and extract it using your favorite unzipping software.After unpacking, go to META-INF / com / google / android directory. …Rename “Updater -script” to “Updater -script”. …Remove the line starting with “assert” until the next semicolon. …Save the file.Rename “Updater -script”.

HOW TO: Fix LineageOS Status 7 Error During Installation …

Method 1 – Format your cache, Dalvik cache and data before installation. …Method 2 – Remove assertion checks. …Method 3 – Update the bootloader to the latest version for your Android device. …Method 4 – avoid dirty flashes. …Method 5 – You need to install the latest restore.

Help with Installation aborted error in recovery mode | XDA …

Move the ROM to your computer and extract it wherever you want.Now go to the Meta-INF folder and navigate to the / com / google / android directory.When you reach the above location, find the update script and open it with Notepad .