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stop 0x8e windows xp win32k.sys


· · Can you boot from the desktop?

· Do you remember that you recently made any changes to your computer before this issue occurred?

You can follow these tips and see if the problem occurs:

Method 1:

Step 1:

Restart your computer in Safe Mode and see if the problem persists. Follow the instructions on the link:

“Description of Safe Mode Boot Options in Windows XP”


Step 2:

If the problem does not occur in safe mode, restart your computer after restarting and see if the problem occurs. Follow the instructions on the link:


After you finish troubleshooting a clean boot, follow the steps in Steps to configure Windows to use normal boot state.

Method 2:

If the above step fails, follow the instructions on the link and check if the problem occurs:

“Stop 0x0000008E” error message in Win32k.sys when accessing the program menu in Windows XP from keyboard


Method 3:

Follow the instructions on the link:

“You get random error message ‘0x0000008E’ on blue screen in Windows XP”


What If The Problem Persists?

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  • How To Fix STOP 0x8E Errors

    If restarting your computer does not solve the problem, try the following until the error is resolved:

    1. Remove recently installed hardware. If you just installed new hardware, chances are good that the change you made caused the STOP 0x8E error. Try to remove and reinstall the hardware correctly.

    2. Install Windows updates. Certain service packs and fixes may resolve STOP 0x8E problems. Check for Windows updates and install them .

    3. Get your pilots back. If the STOP 0x8E error occurs after updating a specific hardware device, roll back the device drivers to an older version .

    4. Use System Restore to undo recent system changes. If you suspect that the STOP 0x8E error was caused by recent changes to an important file or configuration, use Windows System Restore to recover your Windows computer .

    5. Run a virus / malware scan. The STOP 0x8E error may be related to malware. Therefore, scan your computer for malware to remove all threats.

    6. Check and replace your memory. Check your RAM with the Free Memory Checker . If the test detects defective memory modules, replace the computer memory .

      Lifewire / Ashley Nicole DeLeon
    7. Make sure the system memory is installed correctly. All mothers have quite strict requirements for configuring RAM modules. If you are in doubt about the correct memory configuration for your computer, refer to the manuals for your computer and motherboard.

    8. Reset BIOS settings to default values. Overclocking or misconfigured memory settings on the system are known to cause BIOS STOP 0x8E errors. If you’ve made a few changes to your BIOS settings and don’t want to load the default settings, at least try resetting all BIOS sync, caching, and shadow copy settings to their values. default.

      Lifewire / Derek Abella
    9. Check and replace the hard drive. Use the free hard drive tester to check for hardware problems . If the hardware fails any of your tests, replace your hard drive as soon as possible or take your computer to a professional computer repair service . …

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