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Fixed Bug When Turning Off Hard Drive



You should read these suggested fixes if your computer displays a hard drive error code.

  1. Type: gpedit. msc in the search bar and press Enter.
  2. Navigate to Administrative Templates> System> Troubleshooting and Diagnostics> Disk Diagnostics.
  3. Click Disk Diagnostics: Configure and Disable Runlevel.



Here are the steps to disable the error message associated with a failed hard drive. The message that Windows displays after every logon is disabled in Windows without disabled in BIOS.

The above message says (My computer and your computer probably have different disk model numbers and volume names.

Windows has detected a problem with the hard drive.Back up your files immediately to avoid losing information, and check with your computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace your hard drive.Then you will be presented with the following two optionsStart the backup processAsk me later- If the hard drive fails before the next warning, all programs and documents on the hard drive may be lost.In the details dialog, you should seeImmediate stepsSince crashing hardhard disk drive will lead to the loss of all programs, files and documents on the hard disk, it is better to back up important information immediately. Do not try to use your computer until you have repaired or replaced the hard drive.Which hard drive is failing?The following hard drives are reporting an error.Volume name: TOSHIBA MK3264GSXN ATA deviceVolume: C :, D :, E:

My advice:

Disable S.M.A.R.T. Do not do it. In the BIOS, ask Windows not to display this message. Indeed, for a faulty hard drive, you must use S.M.A.R.T. Data available to or tracked by other programs.

Follow these steps to disable this error message on Windows

Click the Start button and enter the word “Task” in the search box. The task scheduler should appear. Right click it and select “Run as administrator”.
Once opened, follow the tree to your left:
Task Scheduler Library >> Microsoft => Windows. => “DiskDiagnostic”

Select the second entry as shown in the image, right-click it and select “Disableb “.

This is a dialog box

Shut down and restart your computer to check if it works.

Possible Reasons The Hard Drive Is Not Responding

  • Bad sectors
  • Filesystem error
  • Infection with a virus / malware or corrupted file (virus / malware).
  • There is a problem with a corrupted device driver.
  • Overheating
  • SMART Error
  • Mechanical or physical failure.
  • To Fix The Problem With Your Windows Hard Drive:

    Fix 1: Check Your System File

    A corrupted system file can cause Windows to detect a problem with the hard drive. Once an error occurs, you can check the system file.

    1) Run Command Prompt as Administrator: open the Start Menu, find and right click Command Promptto select “Run as administrator”. Then click YES when prompted for User Account Control.

    2) Enter sfc / scannow at the command line and press Enter. Do not close the window until the verification is 100% complete.

    If the system file has been corrupted, System File Checker automatically repairs files.

    Fix 2: Check Your Hard Drive

    stop hard drive error

    If there are any errors on the hard drive, it also means that Windows has detected a problem with the hard drive. In this case, follow these steps to check the hard drive.

    1) Press the Windows logo key and E at the same time to open Windows Explorer.

    2) Right-click the C drive, then click Properties.

    3) In the properties window, View im Tool area. Click Check Now …, then select the Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for crashes check boxes.Sectors ”and try to restore them. Click Start.

    Close the window, if done …



    How do you disable a hard drive?

    Use the arrow keys to highlight the drive to navigate and press Enter to display a list of options for the drive. Use the arrow keys to highlight Disabled or None and press Enter.

    How do I disable Smart failure predicted on hard drive?

    1. Fix / disable smart failure

    expected in case of hard drive failure

    1. Method 1. Use CHKDSK for bad sectors and fix them.
    2. Method 2: defragment your hard drive.
    3. Step 1: find the beginning.
    4. Step 2: Select a drive.
    5. Step 3: Find the tools.
    6. Step 4: tools.
    7. Step 5: Click Scan for bad sectors and try to repair them.
    8. Step 1. Download the software.