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Fix Swflash.ocx Error



If you are facing swflash.ocx error, this blog post will help you.

Lightning. The ocx file is a software component of the Adobe Flash Player from Adobe Systems. Adobe Flash Player is a free software for viewing audio and video data created on the Adobe Flash platform. Lightning. ocx is an OLE control extension used by ActiveX Forms.



Swflash.ocx: Free Download

Download And Install Swflash.ocx To Fix Missing Or Corrupted Ocx Errors.

Macromedia Inc.
Flash 5.0
Flash Player 5.0 r44
400 KB

Information About Swflash.ocx Errors.

If an application requires a swflash.ocx file, Windows will check the application and system folders for this OCX file. If the file is missing, an error message may appear and the application may not function correctly.

    OCX error example

  • Runtime Error ‘336’:
    Component swflash.ocx or one of its dependencies is not registered correctly: file is missing or invalid.

Possible Fixes For Swflash.ocx Errors.

  • Reinstall the application that requires the swflash.ocx file.
  • Please update the application to the latest version.
  • Install all available Windows updates.
  • Download and install swflash.ocx.

What Is Swflash.ocx

swflash.ocx is a file extension for a custom control file format used by ActiveX forms. swflash.ocx is used for user or program initiated interface behavior. for example, resizing the window or moving the scroll bar.OCX stands for OLE Management Extension. Swflash.ocx files were originally called OLE (Linking and Embedding) custom controls, but are now called ActiveX controls.

Recommended Solution To Fix Swflash.ocx Error

To quickly fix the problem, we recommend that you download and use the swflash.ocx fix tool. This tool scans swflash.ocx file and other system errors. It also verifies that all DLL and EXE files are registered on the system and checks for other problems that may affect the proper functioning of the system. After the scanning process, you can correct the errors.

Step 1. Click the Download Here button to open the automated tool.

Step 2. Install the utility following the simpleinstallation instructions.

Step 3. Run the program to fix swflash.ocx errors and other problems.

Download the fix tool to remove swflash.ocx error

swflash.ocx error



How to install OCX files. – OCXme.com – Download OCX Files

Copy the OCX file to C: Windows System32 . (32 bit)Copy the OCX file to C: Windows SysWOW64 . (64 bit)OCX installation is complete!

Uninstall and Remove flash.ocx Step by Step – UninstallHelps.com

Of course. Open Programs and Features.b. Look for lightning. Click OK in the list, then click Remove to start uninstalling.Of course. Go to the Flash installation folder. …b. Locate uninstall.exe or unins000.exe.vs. …Of course. …b. …vs.