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What Is A Tape Read Error And How To Fix It?



If your computer displays a ribbon reading error message, check out these repair tips.



Error reading tape
The tape drive is damaged or there is no full backup on the tape.
Corrective Action
If the tape drive is damaged, try another tape drive. If the tape does not have a full backup, you cannot restore the data.

The Following Are Common Elements That Appear During LTO And Cause Errors.

If you are unsure how to view LTO logs, click here.

To check the status of your LTO drive, click here.

Null file path: invalid characters, long paths, or file path too deep.

This article will show you how to use this new feature if you are using v5.6. Https://support.promax.com/knowledge/rename-illegal-paths

Table of Contents does not match – “One or more files do not match expected size”

This means that a data error may have occurred at different times during the backup. If it was an archive, an error might have occurred when checking the checksum. We usually consider this task unsuccessful and recommend runningsteam it again.

Understanding Major Errors: Click here for a detailed guide.

Sense Key 3 AdditionalSenseCode C-WRITE ERROR

tape read error

1. Clean the tape drive with a cleaning tape

2. Try to write to multiple tapes for


3. If multiple tapes do not work with the same data, try different data.

4. If other data fails, run a disk integrity check. Click here for details.

Sense Key 3 AdditioanlSenseCode 9 – tracking error tracking

This is a fatal media error indicating that there may be a problem with the drive or tape. We recommend using a different tape.

Sense Key 3 AdditioanlSenseCode 11 – READ ERROR NOT RECOVERED

You can try cleaning tape, but it can be physically damaged. If you run a cleaning tape and the tape is healthy, the tape might be defective and should be sent to data recovery services.

Sense Key 3 AdditionalCode 14 – REGISTERED PERSON NOT FOUND

This is a fatal media error that indicates the inability to read data tapes.

The ribbon may be defective / damaged. To check for disk failure, try multiple tapes to see if some data can be recovered. If this particular tape is consistent, then it is bad. You should contact data recovery services to try to recover the data if there is no other backup for the data and if the data is actually on that tape.

Sense Key 3 AdditionalSenseCode 52 – cartridge error

The ribbon is faulty. Use a different feed

Sense Key 3 AdditionalSenseCode 53 – LOADING OR REMOVING THE MEDIA FAILURE

Test with multiple feeds to see if the same problem exists with other feeds. If all tapes are affected, we recommend that you update the drive’s firmware and test its functionality. Click here for details.

Sense Key 4 AdditionalSenseCode 40 – DIAGNOSTIC MALFUNCTION: The qualifier of the additional sensor code (i.e. XX) indicates a faulty component

LTO performance tests are required. For the procedure, click here.

Sense Key 4 AdditionalSenseCode 44 – INTERNAL TARGET ERROR Reader needs cleaning, warning threshold exceeded

A cleaning tape must be inserted into the tape drive. The tape drive may be on the brink of a hardware failure.

Sense Key 4 AdditionalSenseCode 52 – cartridge error

The ribbon is faulty. Use a different feed

Sense Key 6 AdditionalSenseCode 29 – enable, reset or reset bus device

SAS disk or connection has been dropped.

Check logs and data for invalid characters.



We recommend reinstalling your hardware internally and then running LTO integrity tests.

Instructions for reinstalling hardware can be found here.

To check your health, click here.

Fix Feed Errors

Most tape problems these days are due to human error, that is, someone is rewriting the desired tape. In this case, some old data can be recovered, especially if the new file is rather small. When you write a file to tape, youwrite an end-of-tape mark after the file, and normal applications will not read beyond that mark. However, there are special applications that can read off the tape and recover the oldest data. OnTrack for open systems and FATS / FATAR for mainframes come to mind, but a Google search brings up others. Unfortunately, some data has been lost.

If you have problems playing a tape, you can try playing it on another disc. If that fails, check the cartridge for damage and check the system logs for error messages. You should also consider the following options: is the tape encrypted or compressed? In this case, you will need an encryption key or decompression tables to read them.
You must first check with the company that sold you your discs, or the manufacturer, if they are the same. Contact them for help and check their websites for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and troubleshooting tips to help you diagnose ribbon problems.

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