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An Error Occured While Loading The Local File Starcraft. Fix It Right Now



You might have encountered an error message that said there was an error loading the local starcraft. There are different ways to solve this problem, and we will deal with it soon.



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General problems

  • Error “Files in your Starcraft II installation are corrupted”

If the Starcraft II game files are quarantined or damaged for security reasons, the game client may crash. To resolve this error, follow these steps.

  1. OneDrive may prevent Battle.net games from accessing and editing document files. Disconnect your document folder from OneDrive
  2. Run the repair tool to repair corrupted game files.
  3. Update or remove any security software that could mistakenly identify the game client as a security risk.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the game client.


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there was an error loading the file local starcraft

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How To Fix StarCraft 2 Crashes, Low Frame Rates, Lag, And Other Issues

We have provided a comprehensive list that can help you solve various problems you may encounter while playing StarCraft II. We’ve also detailed the steps to help you complete these fixes with ease. So go through the list until you completely solve the annoying issues that bother you when trying to play StarCraft 2 on your Windows PC.

  1. Make sure your system meets the StarCraft 2 requirements.
  2. Install the latest patches for the game.
  3. Run the scan and repair tool.
  4. Update your graphics card driver.
  5. Disable overclocking
  6. Reinstall StarCraft 2
  7. Modify StarCraft 2 parameters in-game.
  • Check your firewall.
  • Run the game as administrator.
  • Set a binding to the game.
  • Check the installation directory.
  • Find Variables.txt
  • Start the game in windowed mode.
  • StartPlay StarCraft 2 in compatibility mode.
  • Disable EVGA Precision X
  • Disable Windows DVR
  • Try disabling Vsync and reinstalling the Battle.net PC app.
  • Check your ports.
  • Delete the Battle.net and Blizzard Entertainment folders.
  • Disable Crossfire or SLI.
  • Install Windows Updates
  • Disable background applications
  • Set the StarCraft 2 priority in the task manager.
  • Renew your IP and flush DNS
  • Try using a 32-bit client instead of a 64-bit one.
  • Perform a new restart.