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Troubleshooting Tips Disable All Windows Explorer Pop-ups XP Error Messages



Sometimes, your computer might generate an error indicating that all error messages are disabled. Windows XP Explorer pop-ups. There can be many reasons for this error.

  1. Go to Start, then to Control Panel.
  2. Choose performance and service.
  3. Select the icon below or on the Control Panel.
  4. Select the Advanced tab.
  5. Select Error Reporting at the bottom of the window.
  6. Select Disable Error Reporting.



Some WebBIE applications and Internet Explorer in general may display pop-up messages informing you of script errors on a web page. Unless you’re a web developer, these posts usually don’t interest you or want you to see them. Disabling does not affect the operation of the program. Here’s how to turn off script error messages in Internet Explorer. These messages say something like, “Errors on this web page may prevent it from working correctly.”

First try disabling these messages in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Open the Tools menu (Alt and T).
  3. Select “Internet Options” (O key).
  4. The Internet Options dialog box contains many tabs. You need the Advanced tab. Press Ctrl and Tab until you reach the Advanced tab (six clicks for Internet Explorer 8).
  5. You should now be listed starting with “Accessibility” as the first item in Internet Explorer 8. This is where you will find the script settings you want to change.
  6. Move the cursor down to “Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)” and clickI keep the space bar until it is turned on.
  7. Move the cursor down to Disable Script Debugging (Other) and press the spacebar until it is enabled.
  8. Move the cursor down to “Show notification for every script error” and press the spacebar until it goes out.
  9. Press Enter to close the Internet Options dialog box. You should now have script errors disabled.

Not working? Here are a few more things you can try:

  • Please update Internet Explorer. You must have the latest version of Internet Explorer, it is safer and better. You can get it from Windows Update. Launch Internet Explorer, press Alt and T for the Tools menu, and move your cursor to Windows Update.
  • Change your antivirus. This does not solve the problem.
  • Set the default Internet Explorer security settings. Repeat this operation in the Internet Explorer Tools menu, Internet Options, Security tab, and click Default Level.
  • Delete temporary files, co filesokie and history from Internet Explorer. Internet Options, General tab. This means that you will have to re-enter your username and password in the places where you saved them. So make sure you know all of them before trying this.

Still not okay? There are two articles in the Microsoft Support Knowledge Base: Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Scripting Errors on Windows Computers, from which I have adopted some of the above, and Troubleshooting Runtime Errors in Internet Explorer. that contain additional suggestions and approaches.

What To Do If An Internet Explorer Script Error Appears When Opening User Accounts In Control Panel:

The control panel displays a script error when you click User Accounts and see:

Internet Explorer Script Error
There was an error in the script on this page.
Row: 4
Character: 1
Error: Access Denied
Code: 0
URL: res: // C: Windows system32 nusrmgr.cpl / nusrmgr.hta
Do you want to continue executing scripts on this page?

And the ability to press “Yes” or “No”, whichever key you press, o It becomes open in the User Accounts dialog box.

turn off all error messages windows explorer popups xp

There is no real solution to this error. It looks like this is an undocumented bug in Windows XP SP2, but there is a way to avoid it. Don’t hit user accounts often. If you click on it three or more times, it will happen.




How do I get rid of script error pop up Windows 10?

a: Open Internet Explorer. b: Click the “Tools” button, then “Internet Options”. c: Click the Advanced tab and select the Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable Script Debugging (Other) check boxes. d: Clear the Show notification for every script error check box and click OK.

Why do I keep getting a script error message on my computer?

How do I stop messages from popping up in Internet Explorer?

How to disable JavaScript error messages in Internet Explorer
  1. Select the “Internet Options” command at the bottom of the “Tools” button menu.
  2. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab.
  3. Select the Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) check box.
  4. Select the Disable script debugging (other) check box.