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Yes, you can track your incentive check in email using the USPS Informed Delivery System, if available for your mailing address. When you sign up for a free online account, you will receive notifications with images of letters and parcels delivered in grayscale. January 5, 2021



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Enter the USPS tracking number ® in the search field to check the status of the package.

Are you leaving the city or want to change your mail delivery location? Learn all the ways to handle incoming emailOy mail and USPS ® packages and choose the best option.

You can now view images * of your emails and manage incoming packets in the control panel without entering tracking numbers. You can also use the ® informed delivery panel to subscribe to SMS or email notifications, schedule delivery notifications, request a new delivery, enter ® USPS shipping instructions, and more. . D.

Informed Delivery now includes USPS e-signature (ESOL ), a feature that allows you to request incoming emails and packages that require a signature, including Priority Mail Express , signature verification and insurance of $ 500 or more. USPS carriers will drop your parcels in your mailbox or preferred delivery location if they are too large for your mailbox.

u s postal service package tracking

Start informed delivery now

* NOTE. Black and white (grayscale) images show the obverse of envelopes andletter-sized mailings processed by USPS ® automated equipment.

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For a small fee, you can change your Internet address in a few simple steps. It’s safe because we verify your identity. After completing the process, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Plus, you’ll have instant access to over $ 500 vouchers from third-party vendors in your area.

Getting Started Change your address.

With the USPS Package Intercept ® service, you can reroute domestic parcels, letters and apartments with optional tracking or service barcode if goods have not yet been delivered or have not cleared customs for delivery. The sender or recipient can request forwarding of the shipment as ® Priority Mail to the sender’s address or post office as deferred receipt.

Learn more about intercepting USPS packets

Redirect package

youDo you want to separate your personal and work mail or keep your address confidential? The Reservation Mailbox ™ is a great way to receive mail anytime, anywhere. Mailboxes are available in different prices and sizes. Find the one closest to you online, fill out an application, pay by credit card and bring a printed form, an email receipt and two IDs to the post office.

Reserve your mailbox

If you are out of town for a while, you can apply for USPS Mail Hold ® online. We will keep your email at the local post office until your return. You can schedule service up to 30 days before your date or by 2:00 pm CST (Monday through Saturday) on your start date.

For added security, you must create or log into a USPS.com account with USPS to verify your identity and current address before submitting a new online USPS Hold Mail request.

If your identity cannot be verified at this stage, you can stille-mail address transfer.

Learn more about USPS Mail Hold

Store your mail

Whether you’re shipping from a retail store, or printing your own postage shipping label, you can always choose to ship. With the Delay Receipt feature, the recipient can pick up the parcel at the local post office. If you are the recipient and would like to redirect the incoming package to the post office for collection, you can use the USPS Package Intercept ® .

select the “Suspend to collect” option

Pause receiving first

If you missed our attempt to deliver your package or mail, you can resend it by submitting an online request. Use the tracking barcode on your item and schedule a new delivery on your preferred day. If you have a tracking number, you can also schedule a new delivery via USPS tracking service.

Schedule a new delivery

If your package does not fit in your softwaremailbox and you cannot get it at home, you can provide USPS shipping instructions online and have your carrier leave it at the specified location. Just track your package and select “Shipping Instructions”. You can ask to leave your package with a neighbor or leave it at the post office for collection. For an additional fee, you can send the parcel to another national address. You can also change your mailing option by going to Priority Mail Express ® or Priority Mail ® and adding additional insurance and services. **

* The service is available only for parcels sent to the country.
** Not available for packets sent to APO / FPO / DPO addresses. Other restrictions may apply.

Start with the shipping instructions for your package

Enter the USPS tracking number ® in the search field to check the status of the package.

Are you leaving the city or want to change your mail delivery location? Learn all the ways to handle incoming e-mails and USPS ® packages and select a beamshy option.

Now you can



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