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Best Way To Fix Ubuntu Apt-get Not Found Problems



Last week, some readers told us they didn’t find Ubuntu Apt-Get.



There have been some really bad things happened to my computer lately, related to missing icons and all sorts of troubles with my GUI. All bad things during a call get in the way of my terminal. I am using 04/12 with a classic Gnome look with no effects.

Let’s run sudo apt-get-update .

I get the message sudo: apt-get: command not found . It’s the same with all my apt-get commands.

What does this mean? How can I resolve this issue, especially regarding other issues that I am having?

What Is Apt-get Command?

apt-get is a command line tool for installing, updating and removing a Linux package. It extracts information about packages from authenticated sources in order to install or remove them along with their dependencies.

The most common commands in apt-get are:

  • sudo apt-get install (to install the package)
  • sudo apt-get remove
  • sudo apt-get update (to update the package)
  • sudo apt-get upgrade (to upgrade a package)
  • apt-get help (to learn more about the command)

Here sudo is used to give you superuser rights.

Method 1: Install Homebrew On MacOS

The “apt-get” command is used to install packages on Linux systems. Homebrew is the Mac equivalent. This is the package manager that suits most people. Homebrew installs packages in its own directory and symbolically links their files to / user / local. You can install homebrew and run the command to install packages by following these steps:

  1. Hold down the Command key and press the spacebar to open Spotlight. Then enter Terminal and Enter.
    Open Terminal
  2. You must first install the Xcode command line tool using the following command:
     xcode-select --install 
    < figcaption> Install the xcode command line tool
  3. Now, after installing the Xcode tool, enter / copy the following command to install Homebrew on macOS:
     ruby ​​-e "$ (curl -fsSL https: //raw.githubusercontent .com / Homebrew / install / master / install) "
    Install Homebrew
  4. During installation, you will be prompted for a return key (Enter) and password for confirmation.
  5. You will receive a “Installation successful” message in order to install the tool correctly as shown below:
    installed successfully
  6. Now enter the following command with Homebrew to install the package to install:
     Brewing install name 
    Install the package using the homebrew command

    Note. The name in the command can be the name of the package you want to install on MacOS.

  7. The Brew command will successfully install the package on your system.

Method 2: Install MacPorts On MacOS

MacPorts software is used to compile, install and manage open source software. MacPorts will automatically install all required dependencies for the specified port that the user is trying to install. It’s easy to useTo eat; You can install, download or compile your application and library with a single command. MacPorts also offers updates and uninstalls for installed ports. You can install it by following these steps carefully:

  1. Open the App Store from the Dock and search for Xcode in the search box. Click Get and install Xcode. Please wait, the installation will take some time as the size is about 6 GB.
    Note. You will be prompted for the username and password of the account you are using in the App Store.
    Install Xcode from the App Store
  2. You can accept Xcode’s consent by opening the app in the App Store or Dock and clicking the Accept button.
    Accept button for agreement
    ubuntu apt-get not found

    Or by typing the following command in Terminal to accept agreements.

     sudo xcodebuild -license 
  3. Command-click and press Spacebar to open Spotlight. Then enter Terminal and
    Open Terminal
  4. Enter the following command to install the Xcode command line tool:
     xcode-select --install 
    Install the xcode command line tool
  5. Now load MacPorts for your operating system from here: MacPorts

    How do I get apt get on Ubuntu?

    You can switch to the Ubuntu mirror for the version you are using, then download the apt package and dependencies (you can check this with dpkg-deb -I apt []. Deb) and then do it with dpkg -i apt [] to install. deb.

    How do I fix missing files in Ubuntu?

    Faulty Ubuntu Repair Package (Best Solution)
    1. sudo apt-get update -fix-missing. and.
    2. sudo dpkg -configure -a. and.
    3. sudo apt-get install -f. Broken package problem persists. The solution is to manually edit the dpkg state file.
    4. Unblock dpkg – (message / var / lib / dpkg / lock)
    5. sudo fuser -vki / var / lib / dpkg / lock.
    6. sudo dpkg -configure -a. For 04/12 and up:

    How do I install an apt in Linux?

    APT Package Manager
    1. Install the package. To install a package named PACKAGE_NAME, simply run: $ sudo apt-get install PACKAGE_NAME.
    2. Install packages from your filesystem.
    3. Update installed packages.
    4. List of all available updates.
    5. Remove packages.
    6. Find packages.
    7. List the dependencies.
    8. Add another repository.