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How To Deal With Files That Cannot Be Opened In Outlook?



Over the past week, some of our users have encountered a known error code where the file would not open in Outlook. Several factors can cause this problem. We’ll look at them now.

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook and can’t open attachments, make sure the add-in isn’t causing the problem. … Click the GO button next to the Manage and deactivate all add-ons field. When everything is off, click OK. Close Microsoft Outlook and open Outlook again to check if the problem is resolved.



Microsoft Outlook is a great email application with many useful features. While this is helpful, it sometimes turns into a headache. One of these incidents reminded me of an error message saying that you cannot open Outlook attachments.

To help you fix the Outlook Attachments Unable to Open error, I will describe a simple process that anyone can quickly implement.

unable to open file in outlook

Before we get to the solution, let me first point out several possible reasons why the problems are occurring.

  • Outlook cannot access the temp folder.
  • Your antivirus has blocked attachments. In this case, you can temporarily restrict the anti-virus program to prevent Outlook attachments. The problem will be solved.
  • The required software is not installed on your computer. For example, you received an .ai file, but you don’t have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer. In this case, you will not be able to open the attachment.
  • The attachment is damaged.
  • Outlook PST file is corrupted.
  • The penultimate reason may be that the temp folder has already been saved 99 timesya file of the same type with the same name. For example, you received an image.bmp file attachment. When you open an Outlook attachment, the installer creates a temporary file for the attachment on your computer or server. When the number of files with the same name reaches 99, Outlook can no longer save attachments with the same name.

Let’s see how to fix the root cause of attachment save blocking.

Method 1. Use “Save As”

To apply this method, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the attachment and select Save As.
  2. Select a location other than the desktop or standard download folder.
  3. Give the attachment a name and save it.

This method works in most cases. However, if that doesn’t work, move on to the next method.

Method 2 – clean up temporary files

To apply this method, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows button in the upper left corner.
  2. Type% temp% in the search bar and press Enter. A folder will appear.
  3. Select all temporary Files and click Delete.
  4. Now empty the trash.
  5. Restart Outlook and try opening the attachment. It should now work.

Even if this method doesn’t work, move on to the next one, which works 95% of the time.

Method 3 – Clear Outlook Temporary Files

Before performing any step of this method, please note that in this step we are going to access and modify the Windows registry. Therefore, you must be very careful when making changes. Any wrong action can lead to undesirable and shocking results.

Follow these steps to clean up Outlook temporary files:

  1. Click the Windows button in the upper left corner.
  2. In the search bar, type regedit and press Enter. A window will appear.
  3. Select the Edit menu and navigate to the Find option.
  4. Now enter OutlookSecureTempFolder and start searching.
  5. You will soon see this name in the right window. Next to this name you will see a path like this
    in the data columnC: Users AppData Local …
  6. Write this path in notepad and copy it.
  7. Press againOn the Windows button, paste the path you just copied into the search bar and press Enter. The linked folder is displayed.
  8. Select all files in this folder and delete them.
  9. Restart Outlook.
  10. Access your attachments now.

You may not have a problem now. This fixes the “Cannot open Outlook attachments” error.

These are three ways to troubleshoot Outlook attachment issues. Many users have tried these methods, but if they don’t work for you, a clean install of Outlook may be required. Before doing this, you can download and use the Kernel for PST Viewer tool. This tool will allow you to select the PST file associated with your Outlook.

This tool can even open attachments without any of the additional steps above. If you can access and view your email data using this tool, you may need to reinstall Outlook. However, if this application cannot open the attachment, then your Outlook PST file is corrupted. To solve this problem, you canYou can use the Kernel for PST Recovery tool. Once the PST is fixed, import it into Outlook and you should be able to open attachments.

Immediate solution

Try Kernel for Outlook PST Recovery automatic tool to recover damaged PST files and save them in DBX, MBOX, MSG, EML, TXT, RTF, HTML, MHTML and PDF formats.

What Is An Email Attachment?

“> the name speaks for itself, but the email attachment contains more than just a file sent by email.

  • It is used as an easy way to exchange documents and images.
  • One or more files can be sent as an email attachment.
  • The email itself can be sent as an attachment.
  • MIME and other email standards do not place limits on the size of email attachments, but most users cannot send large files over the Internet.
  • Inability to send large files over the Internet due to:
    • File size limits set by the mail systems themselves, for example B. Gmail.
    • Mail Transfer Agents limit the size they can maintain between receiving and forwarding an email with an attachment from sender to recipient.
    • The recipient’s mail system rejects incoming e-mail messages with attachments that exceed a certain size.
  • Most malware attacks spread through email attachments.
  • Emails are mostly text files, but attachments can be binary or formatted text files. For this, attachments must be encoded before being sent and decoded on receipt. The two most common encoding schemes are MIME and Uuencode.


    Solution I. If the cause of the error is related to temporary folders on the Internet:

    • Step 1. Click “Start” and select the “Run” option.
    • Step 2. О REGEDIT.EXE will appear. Click Edit, then select Find.
    • Step 3. Enter OutlookSecureTempFolder in the Find dialog box.
    • Step 4. Locate the registry key that contains the real folder. It might look like this:

  • Step 5. Now mark the folder location.
  • Step 6. Go to the Run option in the Start menu, enter a specific location and click OK.
  • Step 7. The folder will be automatically opened by your default browser.
  • Step 8. Delete all files located in the folder.
  • Step 9. Restart your browser and try to open Outlook attachments that you did not have access to.
  • Solution II: If The Cause Of The Error Is Related To Standard Security Protocols:

    If the errors are caused by security restrictions, the user must change and restore the security settings in the Outlook registry. Now the effect of the security registry key depends on the version of MS Windows. Read the instructions on how to change these keys from the version provided by Microsoft recovery specialists. Here we outlineOr, in general terms, the steps for the oldest and latest version of the Windows operating system:



    Troubleshoot attachment problems in Outlook – Outlook

    In Outlook, go to File> Options> Trust Center> Trust Center Options> Attachment Handling> Disable Attachment Previews.To turn off specific previews of attachments, click Attachment and Document Preview, clear the check box for the preview you want to turn off, and then click OK.

    “Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe …

    Method 1: Use a file share to access the attachment …Method 2: use a file compression utility to change the filename extension …Method 3: Rename the file so that it has a different filename extension. …Method 4: Ask your Exchange server administrator to change the security settings.

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