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All of your music and playlists are stored in your iTunes library, located in the My Music folder. It won’t change when you uninstall iTunes, so you won’t lose anything and keep your playlists and recording names.



If you had to uninstall iTunes and reinstall it for any reason, for example: For example, if your iTunes library is damaged, you may be worried about keeping your music and not losing anything. Loss of music can be avoided. However, for songs and videos purchased directly from the iTunes Store and uploaded to your iTunes account, the process is different from the media you own and upload to your iTunes account.

Before uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling iTunes, it is important to back up all files, regardless of their source or original location. Mac and PC users go through a slightly different process.

Why Reinstall

Sometimes iTunes may display errors, freeze, hang, or work incorrectly. If standard troubleshooting doesn’t work, a clean install can solve many problems relatively quickly without having to replace the entire library. Your iTunes library is not directly linked to the program itself. Thus, you can try reinstalling iTunes to fix crashes, update the program, or othereven use an older version.

IMyFone TunesFix – Uninstall ITunes Without Data Loss

  • Keep iTunes media such as playlists and songs if you don’t want to delete them during deletion.
  • Completely remove iTunes without leaving any malicious fragments.
  • Preview and selectively clean up iTunes data: old backups, used software updates, cache, cookies, temporary downloads and other junk.
  • One click can fix over 100 iTunes errors without corrupting iTunes data.

uninstall and reinstall itunes without losing playlists

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What happens when iTunes playlists disappear?

Playlists, smart playlists, and music ripped from CDs appear in the Music app. You can still buy music from the iTunes Store, and iTunes Gift Cards will work just like they do today. The bottom line is, for macOS users, nothing will change unless you upgrade to Catalina.

Will uninstalling iTunes delete backups?

When uninstalling iTunes, do not delete the backup. If you want to delete them, you might be better off deleting them in iTunes (Edit> Preferences> Backups, select the backups you want to delete and click Delete Backups). If you just delete your backup files, iTunes might have an inconsistent state.

How do I get my music back after reinstalling iTunes?

You can do one of the following two: First, you need to find songs on your computer by looking in your iTunes folder. Once you find them, drag and drop them into iTunes to import. The second option is to revert to a previous version of your iTunes library to restore your data before installation.