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Best Way To Fix Unknown Disk Format Errors





Have you ever encountered a problem when you connect an external hard drive to your computer and find a notification that the drive is successfully installed, but does not appear on “This PC”?

What if you access the Disk Management utility in your window and find that your Disk 1 is unknown, not initialized, or allocated? And you wonder: “How to fix uninitialized unknown disk 1?”

And also: “Are you afraid of losing data?”

don’t worry! You can follow our step-by-step solution, which will give you access and also tell you the reason why your external hard drive is not initialized.

We will also guide you through the process of recovering your data if it gets deleted during the recovery process.


Although in both cases, the hard drive displays the message “Unknown, not initialized.” They contain different information about the capacity of the hard drive, which means that they are caused by different reasons.

If “unknown uninitialized hard drive” is followed by Word is “unallocated”, the probable cause is damage to the MBR on the hard disk. MBR, Master Boot Record, is the first sector of an MBR or GPT hard disk. It contains information about booting Windows and partitioning the hard drive. Therefore, if it gets damaged, you are bound to run into some problems, including displaying the hard drive as “Not initialized”.

However, if your hard drive 1, hard drive 2, or any other hard drive gets “uninitialized” with no hard drive information, it could be a connection issue, a hard drive driver issue, or damage. physical hard drive.

Fix # 1 – Rebuild The Partition Table Using Diskgenius [efficient Method]

unknown disk format error

Recover Partition Table for free with Diskgenius Free Edition.

Download URL: https: //engdownload.eassos.cn/DGEngSetup5301066.exe

If the above download link no longer works, please visit the following website to get the latest link. You will also find that this feature is free in the free version listed in the comparison tabface.


Steps to Recover Partition Table with Diskgenius

Download, install and run it on your computer

  • Click the entire hard drive after loading the hard drive mappings (this step is essential and required).
  • Click “Tools”
  • at the top of the program.

  • Click “Find Lost Partitions (Recover Partitions)” to restore the lost partition table for you and merge the lost partition with its data for you.



How do you fix an incorrect error?

How can I fix Diskpart error?

  1. Scan the hard drive again. If this issue occurs, it could be due to the Virtio SCSI driver requiring a rescan to see changes.
  2. Reinstall the driver. A damaged driver can also cause this problem.
  3. Remove write protection.

Why can’t I initialize my hard drive?

If your hard drive displays its capacity, but displays the error “Hard drive unknown, not initialized”, it means that your hard drive can be recognized by your operating system. Since your disk can be recognized by the operating system, the boot failure could be caused by a corrupted MBR table or a lost partition.