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Portable Instruments Of The Same Category

At Softonic, we review all rights placed on our platform to sell and own any damage to your device. Our team hears every time a new file is uploaded, and through the status rule to control, to get its status better or for rights. This basic process allows us to include a status for each uploaded file like this:


It is widely believed that this software is safe.

What does this mean?

We have checked them with this software and analyzed the URLs of over 50 global antivirus services; perception was impossible.


This software is protected from malware or may have unwanted connections.

Why is the software still available?

usb stick mit winamp verwalten

Due to concerns about our scanning system, we tracked down possible false positives.

What is a rally?

This means that the harmless program bugsInternally identified as malicious due to an excessive detection signature or algorithm used in the antivirus program.


It is very important that this software is protective and inducing unwanted processes.

Why is this software no less?

With regard to our scanning system, we exercise certain personal rights.


Version 4.x

has changed a lot. Completely updated look of AIMP. You will find all new features and modifications at

Important website

explained in detail.

Winamp’s Russian replacement, AIMP, works much better than the original. The portable version runs directly from a USB stick.

Portable AIMP

AIMP audio player can not only play music: with AIMP, you can receive internet radio, download CD covers, buy tags, or your entire library of songs. There is also an alarm and shutdown function, all without installation in a portable version.

In addition, the program naturally Completes all standard media player functions such as Nord playlist creation and equalizer, as well as multiplayer support. Windows 7 users can also control the drive from the taskbar.

Tools for converting music tracks, various skins, plugins and visualizations complement the wide range of AIMP.

Sublayer format: AAC, AC3, APE, FLAC, IT, MOD, M4A, M4B, MO3, MPC, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP , MTM, OGG, OPS, Speex, S3M, UMX, WAV, WavPack , WMA, XM.