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What Is Vb Type Mismatch Error And How To Fix It?



Over the past week, some readers have encountered a vb type mismatch error code. This problem can arise for several reasons. Let’s discuss this now.



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  • Visual Basic can transform and force many values ​​to perform data type assignments , which was not possible in previous versions.

    However, this error can still occur and has the following causes and solutions:

    • Cause. Invalid property type variable or . For example, a variable requiring an integer value cannot take a string value if the entire string cannot be recognized as an integer.

    Workaround: Try to assign only between compatible datatypes . For example, an integer can always be assigned long, one can always be assigned to a duplicate. and every type (except for a user-defined type ) can be assigned to a variant.

    • Cause: An object was passed to a procedure that expects a single property or value.

    Workaround: pass the appropriate separate property or call the appropriate method for an object.

    Solution: Provide an expression that can be displayed.

    • Reason: You were trying to mix traditional basic error handling with variant values ​​with the Error (10, vbError) subtype, for example:

        Error CVErr (n) 

    Workaround: To rethrow the error, you must map it to a Visual Basic internal error or custom error and then generate the error.

    • Reason: CVErr value could not be converted to date. For example:

        MyVar = CDate (CVErr (9)) 

    Workaround: Use a Select Case statement or similar to match the result returned by CVErr to such a value.

    • Cause. In runtime , this error usually indicates that the variant used in the expression is of the wrong subtype, or that the variant contains an array > in print # declaration …

    Workaround: toprint tables, create a loop in which each item is displayed separately.

    For more information, select an item and press F1 (Windows) or HELP (Macintosh).

    What Is A Type Collision Error?

    An incompatible error can often appear when executing VBA code. The error prevents your code from being fully executed and uses a message box to indicate that the error should be corrected.

    If you haven’t fully tested your code before distributing it to users, this error message will be visible to users and cause a serious loss of trust in your Excel application. Unfortunately, people often do very strange things in the application that you, as a developer, never thought about.

    A type mismatch error occurs because you have defined a variable as a specific type using the Dim statement; Integer, date and your code are trying to assign a value to a variable that is not acceptable, like a text string assigned to an integer variable like in this example:

    Here’s an example:

    Click Debug and the broken line of code will be highlighted in yellow. There is no way to continue in the error pop-up window because it is a fatal error and the code cannot continue execution.

    In this particular case, the solution is to change the Dim statement to a variable type that works with the value you assign to the variable. The code works if you want to change the type of the variable to “String” and you probably want to change the name of the variable as well.

    However, if you change the type of the variable, your project will need to be reloaded and you will need to rerun the code from the beginning. When a long process is required, this can be very annoying.

    Ways To Fix Runtime Error 13 For Excel Files:

    1. Use The Open And Repair Utility

    vb type mismatch error

    We recommend using the Open and Repair utility.

    This is a built-in utility for recovering corrupted Excel files.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    1. On the File menu, click Open.
    2. And select the corrupted Excel file> from the open tab dropdown> select “Open and Repair”
    3. Finally, click the “Restore” button.

    However, it has been found that the built-in repair utility cannot repair a badly damaged Excel file.

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    5 Ways to Fix Microsoft Excel Runtime File Error 13

    Use the Open and Repair utility. We recommend that you use the Open and Repair utility. …Remove the program. Some applications and software have been found to cause a runtime error. …Check for viruses / malware. …Repair the missing macros.

    I get a message about data type mismatch – Access – Microsoft Support

    This error indicates that Access cannot match the input value to the data type it expects for the value. For example, if you give Access a text string while expecting a number, it displays a data type mismatch error. … Make sure the column criteria match the data type of the underlying column field.

    Why Do I Get a Type Mismatch Error When Running My …

    This type mismatch error occurs because the function does not understand the format of the number passed. To fix this error, you have to make sure the number passed in is in local format or use some other function. December 14, 2017