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How Can I Fix Vista Hard Drive Controller Error?



Here are some easy steps you can follow to fix Vista hard drive controller error issue.

A hard drive failure occurs when the hard drive fails and the stored information cannot be accessed from a properly configured computer.



Physical damage and regular wear and tear can affect the integrity of your hard drive, which is impossible to read and unreadable areas of the hard disk are causing errors. As a result, you could lose valuable business data. Windows Vista has a tool that you can use to check your disk for errors, and to remap or repair bad sectors. Running this utility will optimize the performance of your hard drive.

Click the Start button, select Computer from the right menu, then right-click the hard drive to test.

vista hard drive controller error

Select Properties and open the Tools tab. In the Error Checking section, click Check Now.

Select the desired actions for the utility. Select “Automatically fix file system errors” to have the program try to fix any problems it finds… Select “Scan and try to repair bad sectors” to find and fix physical errors on the disk. When these options are disabled, the utility will simply analyze the results and report them.

Click Start and restart your computer to run the utility and analyze your hard drive.



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  • The error checking utility must be run under an administrative command so that you may be prompted for a password to continue.
  • A full scan of the hard drive may take some time, especially when looking for bad sectors. Run this program when you do not need to use your computer for other tasks.
  • Reasons For This Error

    We know that this error is caused by one For the following reasons:

    Schedule Repairs

    If the previous methods did not resolve the non-system hard drive error or hard drive error, contact HP to schedule a repair.



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