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How To Fix Error 8419 In Win32? DSA Object Not Found





Need help. wehave an RDS environment with two domain controllers, a data server, RDS 2008 R2 andRDS Server 2012 R2. The other day we didAn assertion error was displayed when users tried to connect to the RDS server. Find out DC2 hasn’t been replicatedby DC1. When I turned off DC2,Users can connect to RDS serversThe two domain controllers are Server 2008 R2The boss recommended creating DC3 and copying it from DC1. But I think what about DC2? Should I downgrade DC2 first and then add DC3?




You can downgrade and then clean up the metadata. But you might want to see how far away DC2 is. Have you had a chance to run dcdiag to see what the problem is? Check EventVwr on the faulty DC to see if it offers any possible solution?

If you are planning to follow the metadata cleanup path, have you ensured that all FSMO roles are on the correct server? EIf you can confirm that you have at least one working domain controller, leave the failed server down and issue the NTDSUTIL commands. I’ve always checked DNS after flushing to make sure

https: //chinnychukwudozie.com/2014/01/27/using-ntdsutil-metada-cleanup-to-remove-a-failedoffline-dom …

Then open a new DC. You can install on OS 2012 or 2016 and leave the domain functional level at 2008


Error status 8524 will result in the error line “DSA operation could not proceed because DNS lookup failed.” This is a group error for all possible DNS errors that affect Active Directory on domain controllers after Windows Server 2003 SP1.

Event 2087 Microsoft-Windows-ActiveDirectory_DomainService is a partner event for other Active Directory events that report status 8524 when an Active Directory domain controller is unable to resolve a remote domain controller based on its full CNAME record ( ._ msdcs. ) using DNS.

win32 error 8419 the dsa object could not be found

Event 2088 Microsoft-Windows-ActiveDirectory_DomainService logged when the source domain controller hasIt is resolved by its NetBIOS name. However, this name resolution workaround only applies if DNS name resolution fails.

The presence of status 8524 and event 2088 or 2087 Microsoft-Windows-ActiveDirectory_DomainService indicates a failure to resolve DNS names in Active Directory.

Therefore, replication status 8524 is logged when the destination domain controller cannot resolve the source domain controller by its CNAME records and Host “A” or Host “AAAA” in DNS Help. Specific reasons:

  1. The original domain controller is offline or no longer exists, but its NTDS Settings object still exists in the Active Directory copy of the destination domain controllers.
  2. The source domain controller was unable to register CNAME or host records with one or more DNS servers because registration attempts failed or the DNS client settings in the source did not point to the DNS servers hosting their host _msdcs, forwarder, or delegate … .
  3. The DNS client settings on the destination domain controller do not point to the DNS servers that I host , forward or host DNS zones with the CNAME or host records of the source domain controller.
  4. delegate

  5. The CNAME and host records registered by the source domain controller do not exist on the DNS servers requested by the destination domain controller due to simple replication delay, replication failure, or zone transfer failure.
  6. Invalid forwarder or delegation servers prevent the destination domain controller from resolving CNAME or host records for domain controllers in other domains in the forest.
  7. DNS servers used by destination domain controllers, source domain controllers, or intermediate DNS servers are not working properly.

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