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It is very likely that you have messed up / damaged the filesystem and / or physical disk and your kernel files cannot be recovered. Check the hard drive for errors and repair it (CHKDSK and hard drive manufacturer utilities). If the utilities determine that the drive cannot be repaired, replace it (and restore from a backup or reinstall).



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I would try the setup again and make sure the SSD is erased and formatted correctly.

Boot from Windows 7 DVD

Click Install Now

Accept the license agreement

When prompted to select an installation type, click (Advanced Custom)

Click Disk Options

Select drives and click Remove

Click New

Click Apply

Click OK

Click “Format” then “Next” to proceed with the installation.

Even if you do not have a computer to boot certified installation media on to create a bootable copy, you can still borrow a friend’s or family member’s computer to boot. and create it.

How Q: What options are available for reinstalling Windows 7 media?

Regards, Andre, Windows MVP Insider
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