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windows xp remote desktop error

I have a problem connecting to a remote computer via Remote Desktop. I think this is a network configuration issue, but I don’t know what to check (or rather, let’s check the system). This is the situation:

When I try to connect to a remote computer on the main wired network at work, I receive the following error message:

The network does not block outgoing connections. I don’t even get the wireless error message here, it just tries to connect but doesn’t do anything. I get the same effect if I use the computer’s IP address instead of the name.

I know that the computer I am trying to connect to is correctly configured to accept Remote Desktop connections, because I was on a third network last night (and on another computer) that is not connected to work, I am the only one. who connected for him. This excludes options 1, 2, and 4 from the error message.

Do you have any thoughts on the network issue causing this error?

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