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Best Way To Remove Scan From XP Dump Files



Hope this blog post can help you if you noticed scanning XP dump files.



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  • This article explains how to check a small dump file. A small memory dump file can help you determine the cause of your computer’s failure.

    Initial Product Version: Windows 10 – All Editions, Windows Server 2012 R2
    Original Knowledge Base Number: 315263

    What Are They?

    As the name suggests, memory dump files contain information that is “pulled” from program memory in the event of a failure. However, you get information such as what processes were running at the time of the crash, timestamps, associated programs and drivers, and more.

    These files have a DMP extension and follow a specific naming pattern for you to find easily. For example, minidump files are named in this format – MINI000000-00.dmp. Here, the first six digits are replaced with the date, and the last two digits are a sequence. For example, MINI170820-01.dmp means that this will be the first dump file on August 17, 2020. You can find these files in the% SystemRoot% Minidump folder on your PC.

    Method-1 Use BlueScreenView To Analyze The Minidump File –

    BlueScreenView is a very good tool for scanning minidump files on your computer. Follow these steps,

    1. Download BlueScreenView to your computer. (Visit the website and scroll down the page. Click the file corresponding to your processor architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) to download it.)

    2. After downloading the file to your computer, unzip the bluescreenview-x64.zip file to any location of your choice.

    3. After extracting the zip file, go to the extraction site on your computer. Double click “BlueScreenView” to launch it on your computer.

    4. In the BlueScreenView window, you can see the description of the files “dump file”, “time of failure”, “caused by the driver” of the mini-dump files on your computer.

    5. If you want to better understand the dump file, double-click it to check the properties of each file on your computer.

    6. If you want to analyze the cause and find a solution to the problem, right-click on the dump file and select “Prochecking of errors of search in Google driver “.

    This is an easy way to use BlueScreenView to check the root cause of the BSOD on your computer and then determine the process to fix the root cause of the problem.

    Method 2: Use Windows Debugger To Parse Minidump Files –

    The Windows Debugger is a complete minidump file analyzer on your computer.

    1. Download Windows 10 SDK to your computer. Click on “DOWNLOAD LE.ISO”. The latest version of Windows 10 SDK will be downloaded to your computer.

    2. Mount the ISO file “KSDKWIN10_MULFRE_EN-US_DV9” on your computer to view the files.

    xp dump file analysis

    3. Double click See “WinSDKSetup” to begin installation on your computer.

    4. In the Specify a Location window, select Install Windows-Windows 10.0.18362.1 SDK on this computer and click Next.

    5. You can select a separate directory to install on your computer by clicking Browse.

    6. In the license agreement window, click “I Agree” to accept the agreement to install the kit on your computer.

    7. When prompted to select the components to install, check only the Debugging Tools for Windows option and click Install.

    The installation process will take some time.

    8. When the installation process is complete, just click “Close” to close the configuration window.

    9. Press Windows Key R to open the Run window on your computer. Type “cmd” and press Ctrl Shift Enter to open a Command Prompt window with administrator rights.

    Cmd Min (1)

    How do I view a crash dump file?

    BlueScreenView is a popular tool for scanning minidump files on your system. It’s free, download, unzip the file and run it on your system. When you open this tool, it will automatically scan all dump files in the default folder and show the filename. September 8, 2020

    Is it OK to delete crash dump files?

    You can remove this. dmp to free up space, which is a good idea as they can be very large. If your computer is blue screen, you might have MEMORY. A DMP file of 800 MB or larger takes up space on the system drive. Windows will help you remove these files automatically. July 5, 2017

    How do I analyze a minidump file?

    Analyze the minidumpOpen Visual Studio.From the File menu, choose Open Project.Set the file type to Dump Files, browse to the dump file, select it, and click Open.Start the debugger.May 31, 2018