In this blog post, we are going to uncover some of the possible reasons that might cause the bios to be created in 32-bit mode and then suggest some possible ways to fix the problem.


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    With this BIOS feature, you can actually tell the IDE controller to combine two 16-bit disk reads into one 32-bit data transfer so you can use the CPU. This greatly improves the overall performance of the IDE controller as well as the PCI bus. Therefore, it is highly recommended to enable 32-bit transfer mode.


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    This BIOS feature allows you to instruct the IDE controller to simply combine two 16-bit reads from disk into one 32-bit data transfer to the processor. This greatly improves the performance of the available controllerIDE, as well as PCI bus. Therefore, it is highly recommended to deploy 32-bit transfer mode.

    16-bit And 32-bit Code

    At the center of any computer cheat is the chip, the so-called central canning unit (c.u.). The CPU does most of the serious computing work part, computer – add, determine which part of a program belongs to it go up and so on. But the CPU probably won’t do anything without random access to the memory. including memory retention (RAM), but also many types of memory such as read-only memory (ROM). When your own processor accesses its memory, it sets the memory address occurs in the form of a number and looks like a street pen, as in the picture 3.1. However, unlike street addresses, computer RAM addresses are fixed. finally, as if there was a fairy tale law that no street could ever concentrate as to what the number of digits is. Number of bits in the memory side varies from processor to processor and is expressed in fullin binary digits (bits), means the number of digits in the address when spoken in binary (base 2) form. Each memory address can store a number which is a fixed group from bits to size – eight bits bytes) (one on most laptops, which means It will definitely store a value between three and 255.

    does this only apply to IDE hard drives? 32-bit mode, after IDE, refers to transfers that occur on the PCI bus on their way to the host system’s memory. PATA is definitely limited to playing 16-bit songs because the data comes from one awesome disc at a time.

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