If you’ve seen address autocomplete in Outlook 2003, this blog post should help you.


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    Select Tools, in this case Options. Click the Email Replies button. Click the More Messaging Options button. Make sure the Suggest names when filling in the prefix, cc, and therefore bcc fields is checked.

    In Outlook, choose File> Options.Select the Email tab.Scroll down about halfway until you find Send Messages.If you’re already gone, the first troubleshooting step might be to clear the autocomplete list.You will see a confirmation window for the van, to clear the auto-complete list, select Yes.

    Where Does Outlook Store Autocomplete Lists?

    Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2010 store autocomplete lists directly in Exchange mailboxes and PST data files. PST has an isolated autocomplete list for each file or mailbox. In addition, for compatibility with earlier versions and for ease of migration, Outlook also stores authorized autocomplete files such as “Stream_Autocomplete_*.dat”. These are files that are not likely to be used by Outlook, so enhancements for these files will not show up in the AutoComplete list. The AutoComplete Lists report displays the contents of all AutoComplete lists and provides the option to save the lists to CSV spreadsheets that can be fully opened in Microsoft Excel.

    auto address fill in outlook 2003

    To Import AutoComplete From A Computer Running Office 2010 Or 2013 To Another Computer:

    1a. Copy the autocomplete (usually Stream_Autocomplete[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] named.dat, with combination and numbers, see something above the picture) from the old program to the same place and paste it into the new one.

    Clear Old Cached Email Addressemail With Outlook

    After extended but even daily use, you may start to see very old email addresses that you want to get rid of because they are no longer valid and useless for one or more reasons. Or maybe you just want to clear all of Outlook’s autocomplete cache to free up space.


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    How Can I Automatically Set Up Additional Email Addresses In Outlook 2007?

    On a newly purchased computer : Open the attachment using Outlook, and then save it to an appropriate location. On the device whose autocomplete list you want to populate, right-click anywhere on the drive: serAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook, then click Save and Paste to help you with the profile name.

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.