This blog post is meant to help you when you receive an error code for auto sign in to Windows 8.1.


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    Step 1 – Launch a run window (WINDOW + R), optionally type netplwiz and press Enter. The user’s bank account window will open.Step 2 – You will find out the list of accounts.Step three or – We will now be prompted for our username and password for the levels you want to auto-login.

    Step 1 – Launch the run window (WINDOW+R) but type netplwiz and press Enter Mystery. The user payment window will open.Step 2 – You will see a list of accounts.Step a few. It will now normally ask for a username and password for the levels you want to be automatically logged into.

    Content Window/Solutions:

    1.) …Enable via command line without password for automatic loginYes to the system!
    2.) … No password through Dlg Run command. on login!

    All Windows with this feature can sign in without a password, allowing you to sign in to any Windows PC with Internet access using a Microsoft account, also known as a local account. In addition, Microsoft account users get free synchronization of settings and settings for their running system. If you’re signed into the correct Microsoft account on each of your current PCs, you’ll get the same laptop or desktop look and feel (like background and task settings), advanced app settings, and more, and the Quick Access Toolbar buttons were originally synced from there. . Are you registered

    1.) Enable Automatic Login If You Don’t Have A Password From The Command Line!

    To enable or remove the login screen, run any cmd.exe in administrator mode (Windows key + X)!
    See FAQ-7: Windows-8… Run Windows 8 exactly cmd.exe in administrator mode of your current mode!

    Right-click Start and select Run, type NetPLWiz and press Enter. In the User Accounts dialog that appears, first select your account, then uncheck “Secret users must enter a user company and password to use this computer workstation.” Click the “Apply” button to display the “Log On Automatically” window.

    Run “control userpasswords2” in cmd.exe Press (execute=[ENTER]) (…see Image-1 Arrow-1)

    automatic sign in windows 8.1

    Please select a user to automatically login to multiple Windows-8/.1! (… see Image-1 Arrow-2)!

    If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1, you have already passed the major internal date – this happened again on July 10, 2018. Windows 8.1 is still receiving reliability updates, but they end on January 10th. 2023 r.

    Uncheck “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer now” (…see image-1, arrow-3)
    and click “Apply” (then… Image-1 see arrow-4) and confirm the password! (…see image-2, arrow-1)!
    That’s all!

    Open the Run Command Panel (Start> All Apps> Windows System> Run, or press Windows Key + R). In the text box, type netplwiz and press Enter.The User Accounts window opens.A new window will appear with the title “Idea automatically included”.

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    2.) No Password, Only Through The Dlg Run Command. Log In!

    Fire up a windows admin alert in cmd, type command control userpasswords2 and select a user to auto login!

    Uncheck “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer.” and click the “Apply” button!
    (… see arrow 1–5 in Figure-3)

    And now the current one (enter password… see Image-3 Arrow 1 to Readabilitydatatable=”0″>

    Automatically Colspan=”2″>

    (Image-3) Automatic login to Windows without password!
    AutAutologin to Windows 10 without a password!

    When you start Windows, you will be prompted for a password to access the log. This allows you to protect your programs from password access. If you can be the only person using it and don’t want the computer to ask Betsy for a specific password each time, you can cancel the process and log into Windows without entering a password.

    (Image-2) Free password to automatically access Windows 10!
    Windows 10 Auto won't get access password!

    To bypass automatic logon so that a user can choose a different account to log on as different types of users, hold down the primary SHIFT key after logging off or restarting Windows as appropriate.

    Many users of Microsoft and Surface computers turn off personal data entry!


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    (Image-4) Automatic username window without password!
    Windows 10 automatically logs you in without a password!

    automatic sign in windows 8.1

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