Here are some easy ways to fix Outlook automatic email forwarding issue.


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    At the top of the site URL, select Settings. > Show all Outlook settings.Select Mail> Beam.Do one of the following: To activate sending, select Start sending, enter the sender’s email address, and select Save.

    This article is about the Outlook Web App used by vendors who manage mail servers running through Exchange Server or 2013 2010. If you’re using Microsoft 365 or Exchange Server 2016, your mail program is definitely Outlook on the web. This includes getting help for Outlook on the web by going to the Outlook Help section on your website.

    Forwarding email in Microsoft Outlook is pretty easy. But if you find that they both route the same message types regularly, why not automate this? You can automatically forward specific or even all email addresses.

    automatically redirect email in outlook

    Show us how to set up email if most people use Outlook on their computer on the web. Taking just a few minutes now can save you evening time and focus on more important tasks.

    Set up automatic migration in Outlook on the desktop

    Similar to Bcc automatic email handling, when forwarding emails using Outlook, you need to set up a desktop-wide rule. Applies to the forwarding of specific messages in relation to all emails.

    Forward Multiple Emails

    Select the mailbox in which you want to work with Outlook if you have more than one.

    Tip: If your email has all the people you want to forward, select them. This will get you started creating the rule as Outlook will most likely use some of the details with the rule wizard.

    Go to the Home tab, click the pointer to the drop-down list of Rightsooze “in the” Move “section of the ribbon and select” New Rule “.

    When the appropriate window for creating rules appears, go to Advanced Options for the open rule wizard.

    The first step in setting up your own translation is to select any condition. Check the box next to each condition you want to work with to select an email address. Like everyone else, you will see this ad in the description below. Click Continue.

    Now choose an action. You can choose to either Forward to a public group of people or Forward to a public group of people as an attachment. Check the box according to your preference.

    In the description below “People or open group”.

    Then select the email address you want to forward messages to and click “To” below. If necessary, you can use the drop-down list below the address book to decide on a specific contact list. Click OK.

    Then click Next in the Rules Wizard window and check the boxes for the exclusions youwant to add if any. Click Continue. Your –

    Give the sentence a name and check the box next to Enable this rule. Optionally, you can check the propagation to run the rule right away. Click Finish to save and activate the current rule.

    Forward All Emails

    automatically redirect email in outlook

    If a person chooses to forward all received emails to a different email address, they will follow the same steps, with one exception.

    At the conditions level of the rules wizard (step 1), a payment field to return to [your email address]. This will add the rule to all emails sent to this address. Then continue with the rest of the rules-based process until the emails are forwarded.

    Set name = “autotoc_anchor_3″> Enable automatic forwarding in Outlook on the web

    If you’re using Outlook on the web yourself, anyone can create a forwarding rule, again like in the desktop version. But you set up forwarding for all inputs External emails used by the rule.

    For both options, click on the world famous gear in the upper right corner to open the side settings panel. Some people click on “Show All Outlook Settings” below.

    Email Forwarding

    To make sure that only real emails are forwarded, set up ruins. Select “Mail” on the other side, then “Rules” to correct yours. Click Add New Rule.

    It only takes three steps to configure a specific rule on a web page for Outlook. Start with your naming convention.

    Then click the dropdown to select a new condition. You can use criteria such as where the email came from, what your name actually looks like, or the content of the subject line or all of the text.

    Make your choice and add additional information to your inbox on the right. Add additional criteria, click “Add another condition” and do the same.

    Finally, add an action. Click this Dedicated drop-down menu for the Select Action checkbox and select Forward To or Forward As Attachment depending on your preference.

    Enter an email address to which you can forward emails in the dedicated field that appears. To include other actions or add an exception, click the appropriate link.

    If you’ve added rules with similar terms, you can select the checkbox to stop processing additional rules if customers wish. This ignores the following rules that apply to email. Name = “autotoc_anchor_5″>

    Forward All Emails

    Instead of sending specific emails, you can allow them to forward them all.


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    Select “Mail” in the far left corner and then “Send” to the right.

    Check the box to activate transmission. Then enter the email property you want to forward messages to in the box. Optionally, you can select the checkbox to forward another copy of the message. Then takeClick on “Save” when done.

    Forwarding some emails to a different email address is straightforward enough to cut down on manual processing overhead.

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