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    If you’re encountering a battlefield 3 source error while syncing your PC’s cloud save data, this guide should help you resolve it. The cloud storage sync error may be temporarily caused by an information problem between your Origin client and servers. In this case, switching the Origin client from offline to online again may resolve the issue. Launch the Origin client.

    The cloud storage sync error can be caused by a momentary communication failure between your Origin owner and the servers. In this situation, switching the Origin client to Discovered mode and then back to Online mode will likely resolve the issue.

    216 giu 5 13:21:08.403 JingleClient::OnStateChange event 992 Jingle got status closed due to error = 2218 different giu 13:21:08.404 Event Origin::Chat::Connection::doBackoff 6252 Trying to reconnect if you need to chat with the server in 7885 milliseconds 219 giu 2 13:21 :16.295 Event Origin::Chat::Connection ::doConnection 6252 experiment with connecting to Chatserver220 gives five tips 13:21:37.297 Event JingleClient::OnStateChange 2184 jingle is displayed with error 8221 when closed gives handle 13: 21:37.297 Event Origin::Chat::Connection::onJingleClose 6252 Access closed: set = false ReconnectAttempts implicitly 3222 giu 5 13:21:37.298 Event Origin::Chat::Connection::doBackoff : Connection::doConnection 6252 attempt to connect to chat server**224 giu 5 13:21:52.863 Origi Warning n::Sdk::LocalHost::LocalHostSecurityRequest::onEncrypted 6112 SSL Connected225 giu the 5 13:21:52.878 Event Source:: Sdk::LocalHost::PingServerService::Exe cutepingRequest 6112 IP Index: 176.57. 15.17226 GUU 5 13:21:54.953 OriginEvents :: SDK ::Localhost::PingServerService::executePingRequest 6112 IP List: giu 7 13:21:55.853 Event Source::Client::RTPFlow:etPendingLaunch 6252 ——- — – —- —- – RTP SetPendingLaunch —-228 giu 5 13:21:55.853 Event origin ::Client::RTPFlow:etPendingLaunch 6252 Game name: Gioco not identificato229 giu 5 13:21:55.853 Event origin ::Client:: RTPFlow:etPendingLaunch 6252 Autoload: false230 giu 5 13:21:55.853 EventOrigin::Services::LoggerFilter::DumpCommandLineToLog 6252 RTP Parameter: -Param RTP WebMode: MP RTP Parameter: -Origin_NoAppFocus RTP Parameter: — enable-webhelper RTP Param: -AuthCode RTP Param: QUORANJjdk5iqSCo5DLDfh5ZISbmD9GBK5bDuHhAQ RTP Param: -requestState RTP Param: State_ClaimReser vation RTP Param: -requestStateParams RTP Param: “” RTP Parameter: -Online.BlazeLogLevel RTP Parameter: 2 RTP Parameter: -Online.DirtysockLogLevel RTP Parameter: 2231 giu series 13:21:55.853 Event Origin::Client::RTPFlow ::attemptGameLaunch 6252 RTP: return to AttemptGameLaunch 1232 giu 5 21:55.853 Event Origin ::Client::RTPFlow::attemptGameLaunch 6252 Permission found, signal disabled 234 giu five different 5 13:21:55.854 Event Origin::Client ::PlayFlow:tart 6252 PlayFlow state machine for OFB search launched -EAST:109548960236 giu 5 13:21:55.860 Action Origin::Engine::Content: :ContentController::checkIfOfferVersionIsUpToDate 6252 Check if collection definition is setki product for [OFB-EAST:109548960] meet. Installed version: several guis 13:21:55.860 Action Origin::Engine::Content::ContentController::checkIfOfferVersionIsUpToDate 6252 Start checking host version update for [OFB-EAST :109548960].238 only five guis 13:21 : 56.143 Event Source ::Engine::CloudSaves::RemoteSync:tart 6252 Cloud save: remote sync started**239 giu many 13 :21:56.543 Origin Warning ::Services::NetworkAccessManager::handleSslErrors:// failed with 1 unsuppressed SSL error**240 giu 5 13:21:56.543 Warning Origin::Services::NetworkAccessManager::handleSslErrors 6252 Certificate with generic names ‘CN=*.botify. com”, SHA-1 “a1f96be0f22c07f1d50dadc3583f291bb1043ea9”, expiration “2017-05-19T12:00:00Z” failed with error “The prepared hostname does not match any of the viable hosts that match this certificate” 241 other giu 13:21:56.544 Event or igin::Engine::CloudSaves::RemoteSync::manifestRequestFailed 6252 Cloud save: Manifest request failed during sync** 242 giu 13:21:56.946 Warning Origin::Services:: NetworkAccessManager::handleSslErrors 6252 Request to https: // failed with single outstanding SSL error**243 giu 5 13:21:56.946 warning Origin::Services ::NetworkAccessManager::handleSslErrors Certificate 6252 with generic name “CN= *”, SHA-1 “a1f96be0f22c07f1d50dadc3583f291bb1043ea9”, expiration date “2017-05-19T12:00:00Z” failed with error “L” host identity mismatch none of these valid hosts for this certificate’244 giu step 5 13:21:56.947 Event Origin::Engine::CloudSaves::RemoteSyncManager::onRemoteSyncFinished 6252 End of Sync for Battlefield 4™, Offer ID: OFB-EAST:109548960245 giu 5 13:21:56.947 Event Origin::Engine::Cl oudSaves::RemoteSyncM anager::onRemoteSyncFinished 6252 Done: Battlefield 4™, offerID: OFB-EAST:109548960246 giu 5 13:21:56.951 Event Origin::Engine:: CloudSaves::RemoteSync::manifestRequestFailed giu 5 13:21:56.981 :109548960248 giu 5 13:21:56.981 Event Origin ::Engine::CloudSaves::RemoteSync::~RemoteSync Kill Completed 6252 for Battlefield 4™, Offer ID: OFB -EAST :109548960.

    Origin Bug Report

    If anyone is still having issues with my game after following all the previous troubleshooting steps, they should manually submit a bug report to Origin by simply selecting Help > Origin bug report. does not matter to your verification profile if it is corrupted. Provide a correct and written description of the problem that you may find helpful.

    In Origin, go to your game library.Right-click Map.Click Game Properties.Click Cloud Storage.Click Restore Save.Click OK, but you will be able to compete with your last local save. which

    use “Save recovery option” in Origin. Open the Origin app.Delete the corresponding Origin cache folders. Press the Win + r keys, type then type %ProgramData%/Origin and OK multimedia.Restart your modem and hub.Update your video card drivers.

    Part 1: Non-Technical WorkaroundsWays To Fix The Original Error When Syncing Saved Data To The Cloud

    As you play the game, it will detect errors. In many cases, users can continue to play despite this error but experience other issues. Unplayable lags, long loading times and game crashes are some of the main issues that players face. This can be annoying, especially if you don’t know what the task is.

    How Do I Fix The Original Error When Syncing My Saved Data To The Cloud?

    Try quick settings first Fix cloud data sync error in Origin, check them one by one, and if you’re still getting the error, you can access the technical fixes.


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    How To Fix The “Apex Legends” Error: The Redistributable (DirectX) For This Is Not Set. The Installation Cannot Continue. (4294967287)”

    According to EA Community Manager “Barry”, to solve this problem, go to “Search for redistribution files in the new VC folder”: Origin GamesApex__Installervc and immediately click on each of the them, then press”Run as administrator”. When you’re done, restart your computer and try playing again.

    How Do I Switch Cloud Storage To Origin?

    Restart your amazing machine. Then go to the My Games/Resources tab – Battlefield Step 4 on the right and select Show Game Details. Next to “Details” there is a small “Cloud Storage”. There is 1 option “Restore Backup”. – clicked on it.

    origin to you about this, and you will most likely be asked which save you want to use: saving your group or saving in the Origin cloud. If they choose to use your exact local records, the data in the cloud may be overwritten and therefore lost.

    1004G Failed To Load Save Data

    It seems that there is usually a new error code that causes this problem, unable to load save error data. new update related 2 d december seems to have another error code. Unable to load save data. New version of error 1004G. It simply means that the Battlefield 2042 servers are still having connection issues.

    Origin Offline/You Must Be Online When We Connect For The First Time

    to see all running Steps. above For a quick skip, copy and paste the “Enter the following into file” passage into EACore Origin PC Shortcut and > Open File Location

    battlefield 3 origin error syncing cloud storage data

    – UpdateCheck The Graphics Driver

    Battlefield 5 won’t start if you’re using the wrong or outdated graphics driver. We recommend that you check for golf driver updates regularly, which will not only avoid gameplay issues but also help you enjoy a smooth Battlefield experience

    battlefield 3 origin error syncing cloud storage data

    Reinstall 2042

    workaround currently available to console users. It’s a pity, because it will take time, but it gives a good chance to solve the whole problem. This solution will also work on PC, but be aware that many gamers may want to try a few other workarounds before resorting to any clean install.

    open from our Origin apps. then click “My Games” to select the game for which customers are experiencing an error that prevents Origin from syncing cloud saved content. Click “Show Game Details”. Then select “Restore”Eat the cloud and storage.”

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    The Steam Cloud allows your games to store personal data in the cloud storage owned by Steam. But sometimes gamers see the Steam Cloud error perfectly, which, according to experts, can be caused by some kind of notice.a serious file synchronization problem or a conflict of the correct files. If this is indeed happening to you and you are worried about losing your precious game progress, try these troubleshooting tips.

    In C:/Users//Appdata/Local/Unravel

    Cloud File Sync is now an application that supports updating files in different places thanks to the cloud. To synchronize cloud files, the user sets up the correct cloud folder where the necessary information files are copied. This folder makes your current files available to multiple users via Web CP, no matter what application they are using. When the PC operator updates the file, the changes can be automatically synchronized with the corresponding version on other user devices.