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    Ask A CBS3 Moderator About A Good Upcoming Community Event

    We are currently not hosting personal moderators or community events. That if there are any changes, you can submit a request through the form that we will post on this site. Thank you, CBS3.

    Like WPTZ (1932–1953)

    Philadelphia Funnel 3 in Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s oldest television station. It all started in 1932 as W3XE, a pilot plant owned by the Philco Corporation of Philadelphia, which then and for several years was one of the world’s largest manufacturers of radios and HDTV radios. Philco engineers created much of the station’s network equipment, including the cameras. When the station began operating as W3XE, it was based at Philco’s broadcast facilities at C and East Tioga Streets in North Philadelphia, supplemented by a small studio station and. In 1941, it began broadcasting programs (later w2xbs WNBT and now WNBC) in New York, becoming NBC’s second television affiliate and establishing an important link between the station and your current network that would last fifty-four years. year.

    cbs 3 philadelphia bios

    Trang Do CBS-3 Philly

    Do worked as a therapist for KYW-TV cbs3 for five months in 2006. Later in 2007, she became a reporter and producer for WYCC-TV20, Northwestern News Network from January 2007 to March 2007. Her role was to research, direct, write and edit 15- and 30-minute news offerings and newsletters.


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    Where Are You Now? Looking Back On Philadelphia’s Most Famous TV Personalities

    From John Bolaris to Larry Mendte and Lisa Thomas-Laurie to René Chenot-Fattah, Philadelphia’s marketing landscape has been shaped by a few bolts of the nation’s most famous anchor (and journalists). But where are these products now? Looking back:

    CBS Vittoria Woodill

    She started airing in 2008 with her CBS husband and kids as part of The CW Philly Crew. Vittoria currently works as a reporter for CBS3 Eyewitness News, covering various shows such as Taste with Tori. families behind. She previously worked for CBS Radio in Philadelphia. In 2013, Vittoria returned to the station as a traffic reporter.

    CBS 3 Philadelphia Franchise Segments

    Also covers host “Dream Drives” Johnson Traffic, “one of the CBS 3 builds.” travel segment “chariot ride” along the east coast. On NFL Sunday, football fans listen to their favorite “Fly Eagles Fly,” a Philadelphia Eagles tailgate segment[6], and Monday through Friday, Johnson leads the “Love It” lifestyle. segment that airs at noon.[7][8]

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.