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    This user guide will help you when you see an error message that the file already exists.

    Normal.dotm Removed

    Since the most common cause of the error is probably the questionable Normal.Dotm, a corrupted file solves the problem. Microsoft Office 2016 shows up for this particular file every time you open Microsoft Office. If Microsoft Office cannot find someone’s Normal.dotm file, it will automatically create a new working file. Simply remove the duplicate content from the corrupted file and it will be automatically recreated the next time you start Microsoft Office.

    What Was The Problem With Word Having An Existing Regular Period?

    Since the most likely cause of the error is virus-infected normal. Removing the corrupt manual dotm entry solves the problem. … the dotm file automatically creates a new one. So just delete the questionable file and it will be automatically recreated the next time you work in Microsoft Office.

    Identifying Conflicting Elements In A Shared Document

    Copy half of the original Word document into a new Word document.

    error message the file normal dot already exists

    What Is The Normal.dotm Error?

    Microsoft Word contains this file called normal.dotm, which experts say stores all of its basicThe default settings for the document, including the default font and font size. This file can save you time because it automatically loads the correct document settings as soon as you create another document.

    Restore Template In Word — Venkat K Replied To Philip Nathanson Before Jan 8th. 10 22:47

    There are two ways to solve this problem (at least) – your manual method and the automatic plan. 1) Create a new default website: * Open a new blank page. * Change any setting to make your Word documents finally show up on time (e.g. “Time”, “12”, “Left”, etc.). *Now save as “”. Select “Document Template” in the “File Type” field, and enter “Plain” (without quotes) in the “File Type” field. * When asked which Normal already exists, ask to overwrite the file?, answer “Yes”. Whatever options you choose, Word will no doubt use them to create a new blank document. [Note: this will permanently remove New Times Roman if you are using a sans-serif font.]


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