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    This article was written to help you if you receive Intel undi pxe-2.1 build 083 download error code.

    Review: Borderlands GOTY Enhanced is a Single and Multiplayer Shooter developed by Gearbox Software, Blind Squirrel Games and published by 2K. Today it is in this

    General Protection Error!?

    1. The game crashed a few seconds after starting in single player mode.
      Error message:

      General protection error!
      History: Address = 0xea431be0 (filename found)
      GetPluginCount () not Address = 0x146ce72 (filename not found) in C: Program Files 2K Games Gearbox Software Borderlands Binaries Borderlands.Address = 0x146c201 exe
      getplugincount () (filename not found) in C: Program Files 2K Games Gearbox Software Borderlands Binaries Borderlands.exe

      My PC: Windows Vista 32bit
      Quad core processor
      3GB RAM
      2x Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT


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      I’ve tried reinstalling many times.
      Igrovoth material is up-to-date.

      _Sam_Fisher_ – 11 years ago


    1. Probably without any security plugins, or Vista has one of the side issues. Just try reinstalling. vashslayar – 19 years ago0A0

    2. This application has some problems with GPF. If this happens from time to time (for example, every 12 hours in games), then this is completely normal. If this continues, you will likely need to perform a clean install. cardshark1 – 10 years ago0A0

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    intel undi pxe-2.1 build 083 error on startup

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    I recently got the Borderlands 1: GOTY Enhanced 2019 version.When I start the game, after 30 seconds, a long general protection error report appears on the monitor, accepting it and canceling the execution. me

    So, we did some research and found that there are several in the Steam community, Reddit, tech forums, and other solutions, including:

    1. Add the game to the Windows Firewall exceptions list. (He was already there.)
    2. Cleanly uninstall the graphics card driver and restart the nVidia GT 740M graphics card drivers and I have installed a more updated driver available for the graphics unit.
    3. Make a copy of the binary .dll file named cudart.dll, rename it also physxcudart_20.dll and save the files in the binary folder.
    4. Find the specific original version of physxcudart_20.dll and place it in the Gaming the binary folder.
    5. Update Visual C ++ Redist Packages.
    6. Uninstall and reinstall the game in full install mode.
    7. Finish clearing the Windows 10 cache and check the integrity of the game and PC three times. windows
    8. Disable security procedures, then applications.
    9. Launch the game via Steam and offline.
    10. Accept the challenge as Administrator and Compatibility Mode (my oldest Windows compatibility mode is usually Windows Vista)

    Well, I’m not very new and I’ve made a lot of games (with such a stupid Windows error) that need to get up and running. So I follow all these stages with befficiency. None of them worked and I keep getting the same simple error message.

    intel undi pxe-2.1 build 083 error on startup

    So, can you think of any reliable way to do these tasks correctly?

    Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3230M 2 processor @ 0.60 GHz, 2601 MHz, 2.5 cores (s), 4 logical processors

    In some cases, a BIOS update to address this issue should also resolve cache issues.

    General Security Flaws In Borderlands

    Author Answers
    erotic Sunday 29 July 2012 12:23 PM