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Doodlebops is a comedy TV show founded three months ago in Canada. It stars the siblings of rock star Didi, Rooney and Mo Doodle. Each Doodle brother has a unique personality.

Doodlebops is a Canadian live TV series for your child. It was built by Cookie Jar Entertainment for CBC Television in Canada, although the series aired in the United States on Disney Channels Playhouse From Disney from 2005 to 2007. The series combines music, choreography, humor, parodies and lessons. Web 2. This is includedThere are scenes from a big concert in front of active preschoolers.


Doodlebops / date of last panic attack

The Doodlebops line-up consisted of Lisa Lennox, Chad McNamara and Jonathan Wexler – they wore costumes and cosmetic prostheses to make the musical performers look fantastic. There were problems with the expected storyline in every episode, and 3 very important characters had to solve these problems.


  • Didi Doodle (keyboards, vocals) – Didi is undoubtedly dressed in purplish pink, with a pink bob haircut and a purple headband. She plays keyboards and keyboards and is the vocalist for many songs, including Different Things, Tick, Tap, Tap, Tap and When The Lights Go Out. Lisa Lennox.
  • Rooney Doodle (guitar, vocals), piano – Rooney is dressed in blue. He also plays guitar and violin. Like her outfit, her scalp and ukulele are blue. On his head he wears a red beret and shoes of the same color. He is often an inventor and loves to watch and destroy derbies. [1] This is performed by McNamara.
  • Moe Doodle Vocals) (drums, – Moe wears a yellow and purple striped top and orange pants.o orange. In a section often known as “Don’t Pull the Rope,” he pulls the rope at the same time, but water also falls on him. He is often played by Jonathan Wexler.


  • Bus Driver Bob – Drives the boob bus. Catucci interprets this to John. He knows how to play the guitar, but he is shy and plays only for himself. He also has a twin brother named Rob and another brother named Obir. [1]
  • Mazz – Doodlebops dispatcher interval for file. It was sung by Kim Roberts. ”
  • jazzmin The Doodle Bop Manager of the last two seasons is replacing Mazz. Jazmin, who knows how to play the harp, aspires to become a stage actress. [1] It can be completely removed with a snap of your finger. She will probably be played by Jackie Richardson.
  • Jumping cousin Judy Mazz, who jumps as she moves. It was performed by the dancer Stacy (buffy-yeboa in the person of Stacy Martin). Murphy [2]
  • audio – Audio Murphy is a yellow dog, video producer for Doodlebops. Voiced as a Jason Hopley episode, he’s that puppet. He claims that his intermediate address is Surprise a. [1] He’s happy to help you knit. [1]
  • Madge – Madge -a bright ginger cat who often makes joking jokes. He lives in physical vanity, and his voice was spoken by Rob Stefaniuk.
  • Mr. Moosehead. Mr. Moosehead is the head of a large moose that hangs from the surfaces of the doodles club. He was also voiced by Rob Stefanyuk. Loosely based on Banana Vac The by Banana Splits.


Series Presentation

Season 1 (2005)

Season Two (2006)

Season 3 (2007)

Rockin ‘Roadshow

the doodlebops cast bios

After The Doodlebops were canceled, they returned for a 2010 live-action animated series called Doodlebops Rockin ‘Road Show. The series – as opposed to standalone live TV series – was produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment; However, in Germany this will was co-produced with Optix Entertainment, in Argentina with Illusion Studios. [3]

A quick glance at YouTube reveals which experts say they’ve now synced everything around the world in different languages. Some of the Doodle Bops are currently on stage in St. Jacobs (which will soon become the Grand Bend), but still in different roles as Disney’s High School Musical students are busy with Eastern School.

Neither Jazzmin, nor Audio Murphy, nor Mr. And Moosehead nor Mudge performed during the Doodlebops tour. The only characters to be seen in each completed episodeode, there were bus driver Bob, Didi, Rooney, Mo and a little pink dog named Bop-Bop. In each episode, Mail Snail delivered a real CD by a dummy sent in for help by a child in need. The child then, in turn, introduced the animated character and sent him on the bus to become the new Doodle for the Day.

The Doodlebops: Together Forever Tour

Appearance. Didi becomes a girl with purple skin and her own pink hair, and only a purple headband in her hair. She wears a minimalist pink dress with a few musical notes around the dress.

the doodlebops cast bios

A live theater show called The Doodlebops: Together Forever was developed during concert tours in 2009 and visited Canada. The program includes concerts of both your favorite music and new songs. This includes screens, huge original sets and costumes. This issue introduces a new lineup of Doodle Bop artists. [4]

The show was produced by Koba Entertainment, [5] and is presented solely by Paquin Entertainment. See also

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    See Doodlebops Discography.


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