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    2 Years Have Passed

    Metal Thumper asks Calypso to make him the king of the world. Anyone who might otherwise die in the Twisted Metal World Championship, they have no one to crush.

    Twisted Metal 2 characters – Giant bomb. 1 axis. Axel, a playable character from the Twisted Metal series, was trapped between two of his father’s giant discs. 2 Calypso. 3 hammerhead sharks. 4 Ken Masters. 5 sparkles Krista. More articles

    From Twisted Metal: Black

    Driver Crazy-8, motion error. A short boxer who looked so exhausted that he attempted surgery during the fight and could only afford an alley specialist who was told he was a terrific fight fan. However, Dr. Ahn lost a large amount of all the money that was wagered on him, andclosed his eyes and mouth (and removed his eyes and tongue). He left for the good old revenge. In TM: Lost, he tries to restore his watch face (by removing parts from other companies that he thinks are bad) so as not to scare his daughter, baby.

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.